Vee Barberette Blog post June 2020

Refresher course in Skin Fades

A couple of weeks ago I went and did a little refresher course as I like to keep My skills up to date and it’s always fun learning a new technique, especially when you start picking up bad habits.

Salon Renovations

This week I’ll have the electrician coming in to put in a whole heap of power points on the walls. At the moment I have extension leads all over the place and I hate cables on the floor, I can’t wait to have them put in, I won’t be tripping over extension leads anymore. I also have some new stock on order so I’m really excited about that.

Discounts on hair services

I’m offering discounted rates on haircuts for all sexworkers, Adult entertainers and performers who have lost their jobs & are not able to see their hairdresser due to financial difficulties. I am also happy to barter. This offer is for all haircuts, ladies and gents (no chemical work)

If you would like to book please contact me via My official website HERE

Latest Photos

I will be taking more photos of the salon once the renovations are done so for now here are just a few little teasers to get you all excited.

Well that’s all for now My dears. I hope you are happy and well wherever you are in the world. It’s certainly a crazy world with what’s going on with the riots in the US. I wish we could just all get along and stop this craziness. Let’s pray that things will get better. Stay safe, be good and look after yourself.

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