Updating My blog Feb 2020

Gday gday gday

Thanks for stopping by, So we were in the middle of importing my blog to My website (yes this one) and then something went wrong and I had lost My website and the blog had totally taken over. Then we were having issues trying to get it back. Well I’m happy to say that its fnally backup and running, as you can see. It was a really stressfull time but Im so glad it’s all fixed thanks to my host provider at TMD hosting.

So the next few days you will see all old post that go back from as far as 2010 will be posted. I have someone helping me out with this as I don’t have the time myself. I’m actually enjoying seeing all My old blog post going up. I have such great memories from them all.

I hope you will be patient while we go through this process and I hope you enjoy reading.

Till next time

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