Thursday 23rd January 2014 5.45am

January 23rd 2014

So far this new year has been amazing. I have meet a few newbies who wanted some strict dungeon sessions.  It was also good to see a few of my sissies and Cross dressers wanting to experience what it feels like to be in the dungeon. Yesterday I had a very brave visitor come to see me from abroad. He insisted that he wanted to go out in public  dressed up as a woman. I must say, I really do enjoy these type of sessions.  When I finished with him I was amazed at just how convincing he was. His new name was Julia de la sol. I could see just how nervous Julia was she had no idea what I had installed for her. We caught a taxi into town and found a nice little cafe with a court yard. Thankfully the heaters were on as there was a slight chill in the air.After we had our tea and cake we walked around looking in shop windows. Julia bought a lovely curly wig and a nice pair of shoes for herself.  It was good to see that her feet were not hurting as much as mine, but I really did need to sit down so  I suggested that we visit a bar for a light refreshment. Julia  didn’t know it but the place we walked into was a lesbian bar.  At first she had no idea, I think she was just nervous about the whole bar situation and men staring at her. After our first drink she finally started to relax more and come out of her shell. We had a lovely chat, all about dressing of course. I love hearing stories from my visitors about how they got into their fetish. Each one is so unique and different. While Julia was busy chatting away being all lady like, someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and it was an old girlfriend of mine who I hadn’t see for ages.  She kissed  me on the lips which was lovely, I turned to look at Julia and you should of see the look on her face. I could see she was a little  embarrassed but I could also see a little bit of jealousy in her eyes.  I introduced them and we all had another round of drinks. Eventually my friend had to go and we also decided that our tummies needed some food. I suggested a lovely vegetarian restaurant called Food For Friends. Their dishes are amazing. I told Julia that it’s best we walk there so I can show her off to my friends on  the streets, I could see she really liked this as she tried to be brave in front of me.  I think the drinks did help her to relax more. I think she did really well considering this was a first date.

After our delicious late lunch we headed back to the dungeon where my slave was locked in the cellar. I gave him some food scraps and some water and told him to go and sit in the corner.  I called Julia over and I started to slowly undress her. She was shaking all over. I put on some music and got her to dance for me while I rested my feet on top of my slaves back. Julia was doing a great job with her moves , I could see slave sneaking a peek at her as his cock started to raise. I pulled on his leash and slapped him for his erection.It was now time to get filthy with Julia. The little tart just  couldn’t help herself as she started playing with her mangina. I pulled her knickers off &  gave her a condom. She new exactly what I was thinking. I got slave to stand up as Julia went down on her knees and tried to put the condom on with her mouth. Looks like she’s done this before the little slut. As  I watched her shinny red lipstick slowly starting to smudge all over her face I grabbed her hair and I whispered in her ear. She started to suck the cock making sure it stayed nice and hard. I got her to play with herself at the same time. I find this funny to watch cause they never get it right. It seems men find it hard to concentrate when they have a cock in their mouths and at the same time play with themselves. Julia was finally starting to get into the  rhythm. As I watched both slave and slut perform for me I got up and walked out of the room. I’m always full of surprises and you never know what’s coming next. I came back with a vibrating toy and  I slowly insert it to her bum hole. I could see she was minutes away from having an orgasm, but I gave her orders that she was not allowed to come until I say so.  I could see slave trying really hard not to come as I told him earlier that if he came without permission his punishment will be his worst nightmare. I left the room again and I quickly got changed into something more comfortable. When I came back the two sluts were going for it making noises. Thankfully the dungeon is under ground and you can make all the noise you want.  It was now time to see them both come at the same time. I sat down on my comfortable chair and watched as they both came hard. Julia made a mess and I got her to lick it all clean. I instructed Julia to have her shower and get changed while I have my way with slave. I put him  over the bench , grabbed my favourite cane and gave him 20 strokes one after the other. I put him back into his cage to rest as I had another visitor arriving soon and I would be using his body again for my pleasure.Julia was soon showered and dressed and I checked to see if she had removed all the make-up.  We said out goodbyes and she thanked me for pushing her limits (something  I’m very good at). Hopefully I will see Julia later in the year when she visits the UK for her business trip.

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