Thoughts and Reflections on Protocol..

G’day dear followers, admirers, fans and all you naughty little perverts. I finally have some free time to write and let you all in on the exciting and fun stuff that I have been up to since my last blog post. Sydney has defiantly kept me busy and as I find myself struggling to keep up with my regular blog posts I wanted to share with you my thoughts on a subject that’s been on my mind since I got back from the UK.

This is a message for those of you who have never visited a Mistress & Professional Dominatrix before as well as for those of you who have experience and knowledge of the scene.
Having spent the past 8 years in Europe and the UK in particular, I got to experience first hand, the varying levels of Protocol and I found that the standards are much higher over there and I ask myself why is it so different compared to the clients that I have seen here in Sydney.
During my time abroad I have had the pleasure of meeting clients from numerous countries and I have worked with Top Professional Mistresses and Dominatrices and they all seem to have a fair ideal of the structure that we hold in place and I find myself wondering where it went a little on the loose side here in Sydney. Now I only speak for myself and with what I have experienced here and do not represent any other Professional, These are just my thoughts and words.
When it comes to Protocol, it is observed, expected and practised by all genres of Mistresses, both Professional and non Professional alike. There are standards to be upheld and they are enforced. We provide a Professional Service and in return, we expect good personal hygiene and good timekeeping skills. We at least expect that you will have read our web page and what services are on offer. Good manners are essential and you should be respectful at all times. Those that lack the necessary skills on how to approach or present themselves will be instructed. This is after all, your journey into submission and each of you should embrace it and serve to the best of your ability.
So far, my time back has been busy with conducting sessions with clients who think that they can get away with topping from the bottom during our session, as well as demanding things that were not discussed during our first consultation. This to me is NOT acceptable and will not be tolerated.
New clients may be paying for the experience but when they enter our Domain they are bound by our rules and protocols. They are in place for a reason and practised worldwide.
The worst offenders seem to be those who have been around enough to know better. They seem to think there is a level of familiarity in place and are above showing a basic level of respect.
I have certain standards and I expect a lot from those who come to see me for a session. I put a great deal of my time with preparation for each session. I make sure that I am mentally and physically prepared to take a stranger through their journey and this itself takes away my energy so I always make sure that I am well prepared. I look after my appearance and I present myself in a Professional and approachable manner and I expect those that wish to visit me understand what is expected
I don’t think I demand much do I ?
On a lighter note, Things have been fantastic and I am really happy to be back in Oz, and I’ll be much happier once my shipping arrives from the UK.
Thanks for reading,
Be good

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