Thank you London

Wow Oh My Lord…what an awesome trip I had. no, not that kind of trip silly….My London trip. Everything went smoothly, the train ride was fine though I can’t say much about the VIP seating…I mean what is that about? Really!……What a load of wasted space and a waste of money….Thank Goddess my whole journey and hotel fee was all paid for. So finally arrived at my hotel. Nice and clean, that’s what I like. Old building and freshly renovated, even better. Receptionist very friendly, though I was struggling with her accent but I managed to work it out. Emptied my suitcase, I think I managed to bring my entire latex collection…what was I thinking? Oh that’s right, a photo shoot for tomorrow. Now it was time to shower and change into something a little bit more appropriate for dinner. I wasn’t that hungry so we ended up going to what looked like a decent Italian restaurant pizza place. Chris (client) is vegan and me being a strict vegetarian we decided to share a gluten free pizza that was absolutely disgusting and super spicy hot which I never asked for. I pretty much left most of mine on the plate, my mouth was on fire. So we didn’t stay long, I order slave to pay and we went back to my hotel room where slave got the privilege of massaging my feet.

The next morning I woke up running to the bathroom throwing my guts up, and lets not mention the rest. So sadly I had to cancel my photo shoot, so much for the bag full of latex, and I spent most of the day laying in my hotel bed with regular visits to the bathroom. I cant remember the last time I was so sick. So it wasn’t such a great start to my London visit but it does get better.

After spending the whole day tucked away nice and warm in my big four poster bed, actually I was getting quite use to this, Its not everyday I get to sleep in. My regular slave DJ eventually convinced me to come out and play. There was no way I was leaving my little comfort zone but he mentioned that dinner, theatre and an envelop full of money awaits me, funny enough  I was feeling much  better and I did want to make the most of my visit, (wink). So slowly I got myself ready and into my Domina mode, I made sure I drank loads of water during the day.

Eventually I was ready, it took me a little longer than expected, you see I don’t have a television so I was making the most out of all the channels and I got a little carried away and forgot that I had to go out. I also wanted to take a couple of photos before I went out.

 The next thing I get is a text message, Excuse me Mistress, I’m here, where are you? Opps…
So rushing out of my hotel room almost knocking down a man coming out of the lift I finally made it to a lush looking wine bar.  Slave boy says that we only have time for one drink as the show will be starting soon. Oh how exciting, it’s been for ever since I’ve been to one and what a same there’s no time for dinner which was fine with me, after that pizza the though of food was the last thing on my mind. So over to the Apollo Theatre in Victoria to see a production that has been on for a while and that I have been wanting to see for ever called WICKED. I don’t want to bore you here so I will say that during the half time intermission we never returned for the second part.

During my London visit I met up with Jordan who runs a website called Fetish Me. He took me out to a yummy traditional Italian restaurant and we had a good chat about pretty much everything. He interviewed me for the ”Exclusive Interview” section  on his website, so stay tuned for more details.

I also got to spend some quality time with two of my close Mistress Friends Alice Malice and Mistress Akella. We headed out to South Kensington to a Japanese restaurant and I have to stay I wasn’t very impressed of the quality of food, call me picky or maybe I still wasn’t fully recovered from the other day but I was just happy to be hanging out with them. The next day we all headed out to SEXPO UK. The weather was so crappy but once inside the venue we quickly warmed up with a nice bottle of bubbly. After walking around to see all the amazing stores, I so wanted to buy something but new that I couldn’t as I had no extra room in my luggage. We also stayed to watch the shows and lucky for us we had a front row table watching The Dreamboys….Yes , they were Hot….

With My beautiful Russian Doll Mistress Akella  

After the show we walked around and the girls did more shopping….Yes I was jealous. Then it was time for Alice to leave, It was a sad teary moment for me, and I will miss her terribly. After she left we walked around and caught up with the lovely Lady Bellatrix. We posed for some photos and it was time for Akella to leave me, boo hoo. We said our goodbyes and she promised me that we will see each other again. I hope so.

So finally I got to spend some time with The lovely Lady Bellatrix. We caught up on so much and we had so much to say..bahahaha.. things you do when you’re runny out of time. We went out for a meal, did more chatting, took some photos then it was time to go home.

Thank you London, it’s been great. I was so happy to be back home in Brighton, now I have the last of my belongings to be packed and then I’m outta here. This will most likely be most last blog post from the UK. I plan to take a couple of months off seeing as its summer right now in Australia.

I’m really excited to be going home and Im really excited for new and wonderful things to come.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you down under.

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