I have recently launched a new testimonials page to mark my return from hiatus. Now that I am back in the swing of things, I felt it was important to start afresh and provide a platform for new feedback.

“I had the pleasure of a manscaping session with Barberette Vee having seen her online presence and been captivated by the possibilities. The actual experience certainly lived up to all the expectations. It was as if Vee could see into my soul and know what I wanted, whether I did or not. Here was no clock watching, Vee was relaxed, but kept me on my toes with the role-play I had suggested. Overall I had an amazing experience and would suggest anyone after something different make a booking with Barberette Vee you won’t be disappointed.”


Sissy M

September 2023

I was so excited to be accepted by Dominatrix V for my first appointment with Her, as I was in search of a Domina to further my sissy dreams.  

Fast forward to today and I have spent the last 3+ years worshipping the most wonderful Goddess who has expertly trained and molded me into Her Sissy Maid and a Sissy Slut so I am able to please Her. Domina V has been so generous with her time, always thinking about new things to try, or how to keep me on my toes so I can be a better Sissy. What has been most amazing is that Her experience and skills have allowed me to feel so safe, relaxed and at ease during our sessions and we have developed such a special Dom/sissy relationship that I cherish.

I often think about how lucky I was to have made the decision to make contact in the first place as I adore my Goddess.

Sissy M x

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