Shona Smith

London 2012

I have always wanted to be a French Maid since I was 15 or 16-maybe even earlier! I guess I was exposed to tv shows in the 80’s like Benny Hill (!) and Kenny Everett who always had scantily clad girls always seemingly dusting, bending over in tight satin Maid’s uniforms, showing their delightfully full frilly knickers and seamed black stockings. Well this teenage obsession with Maids just wouldn’t go away. I then began to dream about what it would be like if I became a female French Maid!

Like most in the closet transvestites, the thought just wouldn’t go away. It became my fantasy to work for a beautiful Mistress, who would then transform me into her female, convincing Maid. So I just couldn’t believe it when I then found about Domina V and Fluffy Boudoir, and that she was taking on male to female French Maids for domestic duties. 

At first I thought it must be a joke, I couldn’t believe a Goddess like Domina would ever be interested in a sad loser like me. But I guess she must have seen some potential in me- from my photos dressed as a girl. Well, I may be a big gurl- but I know many people have told me I look cute once dressed and made up have a convincing feminine face. I also have great legs in black stockings!!

But enough of me- I trembled as I spoke to Domina on the phone- so nervous. But she reassured me, and pretty soon I headed on the train for London, with all my girly Maid clothes. I arrived and was met by Master Danny. He put me straight at ease and I waited for Domina, virtually naked, in the Fluffy Boudoir dressing room.

In she came- smirking at my male embarresment. She was beautiful in a tight pencil skirt, stockings, and corset top. Every inch a superior woman- a real Goddess. I felt so nervous. But she put me at ease, and I then changed into my corset and satin maid uniform. I guess I knew my place, all Domina cared about was my role as a Maid-nothing else- there was no sexual element on her part- she just enjoyed seeing pathetic guys like me transformed into sexy shemales. It amused her and was part of her power. I guess that added a frisson for me, she was incredibly sexy- but I knew my place. Besides- all I really craved was to be transformed and just to be her Maid. I would have done anything- I wanted it so badly! That ‘s the whole thrill of being a Maid- I guess!-Oh and hard work and lots of chores!

I tried to do my make up- but Domina knew I was nervous and she agreed if I worked hard, she would assist me. About half an hour later, she had totally transformed me. In the mirror a beautiful female face stared back, totally convincing. She made me to present myself to Master Danny which I did and gave him a twirl in my black satin dress, showing plenty of stocking tops and a flash of my knickers. He approved! I really was a French Maid now- for real….

I felt so good and so female.But quickly I was brought back down to earth. Domina and Master Danny had drawn up a Maids contract for me, which I was instructed to stick to rigidly. It dawned on me that this was no joke- I really had to work now, if ever I was to pass my induction. After some initiation from Domina and a tour of the house I was set to work, cleaning, washing and hovering. 

Domina was not joking- this was a real job and I had to work hard or there would be trouble. She checked up on me too, and I was scared! I kept thinking would she punish me? She joked that she may have to put nipple clamps on me. I gulped. And yes, she would check every job, sometimes standing behind me- quick to praise and quick to criticise if I did not meet her standards. But this being my first day I was treated gently- Domina assured me that I would not be treated so leniently in future, punishments would be swiftly metered out. I felt my skin turn cold and goose pimply at the thought….

At about 2 in the afternoon, I had to open the front door and let in a male visitor. I felt the wind blow against my stocking legs and up my frilly satin Maids dress. Outside, I could clearly see some guys checking me out! I blushed and shyly turned away, looking down meekly. I welcomed Domina’s male guest and led him into the hallway. God I felt so sexy as I click clacked in my high heels up the stairs after him. I wondered if he knew if I was a real girl or not. I felt like a girl anyway.

Then it was back to work, cleaning, washing up and serving drinks to Master Danny and Domina. At the end of a wonderful day as evening drew on, Domina said my training would continue BUT there would be punishments in future if I did not meet her exacting standards. I can only guess- no dream about what this means! But pretty soon I had to leave as evening drew on- and I had to change back into my drab male clothes. I was in a hurry- and left leaving my maid uniform and shoes behind. Domina says they will be ready for my next visit. I can only guess what my fate will be for doing this…..

Both Domina  V and Master Danny are very understanding- and although both strict –they understand guys who want to be pretty subservient female French Maids-like me!. I would recommend a visit- you will be amazed by how female you will look and feel- but be prepared for strict training and lots of hard work!ou can tell – im longing too be back in service!!!!!!Im in uniform today practising, but im not sure i ll go down the shops later dressed like this!

thankyou Domina- you truely are a wonderful person
lots of love 

shona xxx