Last blog post for September 2017


15-09-17 last session at t22 (2)Well hell……no Gday there to all my dear followers, readers and subscribers. Thanks for stopping by, I really do appreciate it. I love how you enjoy reading my Blah blahs… Today is Thursday 29th September and I have my music up nice and loud playing my show song that I will be performing to on Saturday the 7th October at Sanctuary. Do you know what I’m talking about? NO!….well where have you been my dear?  Catch Up will you! I’m actually rehearsing my show as I type away on my blog. Yes I can do that, its My way of rehearsing, all in my head, yep Its called visualisation….you should try it sometime.

Anyway, last Wednesday after a really long session with a favourite regular client of mine who was visiting Sydney on business, decided to book me for the whole freaking day….Can you believe that?….no I wouldn’t either but it happened, and he really surprised me as I didn’t even known he was in town. The last time I saw him was back in England at The House Of V premises in North London, yes My old place. He is actually from New York, and at the time he found me by accident. Apparently he organized to see a London Mistress on that day ( I wont mentioned  her name) but she cancelled on him without any explanation at all. I can’t remember how he found me but I obviously caught his attention and we arranged to meet up the following day and this was the start of a beautiful friendship between the Aussie Dominatrix and the New York slut.

When I left London  and moved to Brighton and Hove on the south coast of England, he still came to see me and I have to say I have always looked forward to our sessions, and he always surprised me with a lovely gift. He is always full of surprises. His humour and his American accent always made me giggle. I always had so much fun with him, for some reason he just makes me giggle…..Anyway, our day/session went really well and of course as usual it ended with the slut sucking on a real cock….yep….I organized this at the last-minute (as a surprise). Sometimes I feel that my hard black strap-on just isn’t enough and at the end of the day all they really want is the real thing right?….right!

So after an eventful day, it was time for me to leave the slut in his luxurious Sydney hotel room. I must say he’s always had good taste when it comes to picking a suitable hotel for us to meet and play at. When I use to see him in London he would usually book a room at the Karma Sanctum Soho or sometimes at The Sofitel London St James Hotel. To be honest I find hotel sessions a little exhausting for me as I always have so much stuff to carry swith me, but with New York Slut I never really had to bring much, he always made sure I was happy with his choice of hotel and we always went shopping before hand as this was part of his little fantasy. So basically I would leave my place with an empty suit case and arrive back home with new toys and outfits to add to The Fluffy Boudoir wardrobe. It was sad saying good-bye to him again, and he asked if I could stay longer but I had already organized to leave that evening as I had already planned to head off to The Blue Mountains to chill, unwind, and get away from Sydney’s hustle and bustle.

So I am currently at The Blue Mountains as I write. I really love coming here. It’s so peaceful. I love waking up to the sun shining through My window, the birds singing and there are definitely no noisy planes flying above, not like my Sydney home. I’m planning to stay for a few days and its the perfect time for me to catch up on My blog and write to you as I know how much you love to read about My adventures. I’m also catching up on a book that I’ve been meaning to finish reading, even though I’ve read this book back in 2013, but I enjoy reading a good book twice.

The place I’m staying at would be ideal for a photo shoot and filming for My brand new Clips and Pics Members website, (coming out soon) but I’m not here to take loads of photos or do any filming, but here are a few pics anyway.

  The view of the back garden where I’m staying at.

So, I found this awesome Clip of the Blue Mountains taken by a very talented photographer Phil Burnham, (with his permission of course). Check out his Clips on his Vimeo Channel


Blue Mountains – Timelapse & drones from Phil Burnham on Vimeo.

Okay so I want to say thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday on the 18th and I received a lovely gift from a client and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been using the Iphone 6plus for almost two years now (another gift) and if it wasnt for the expensive wallet case I bought for it, it would have only lasted a few months, I reckon. I’ve been thinking of getting rid of it and was on the look out for another phone but not an Iphone, and then I received a knock on the door, it was the postman with my gift. (see below). Ive not used it yet as it looks and feels so delicate, and I’m scared Im going to drop it, so Im waiting for the new wallets to come out as apparently this phone isn’t out yet in the stores, but I will still keep the old Iphone with its cracked class that needs to be fixed, but it still works fine.


Okay well I think that’s about all for now. Its time to get of line, put my feet up and enjoy this glorious day reading my book. Oh and for those of you who have contacted me asking if Im still around and working, well the answer is a big fat YES.

Be good, stay kinky and share the love..
Domina V

Time to Chill

Okay, so I’m typing with one hand, my right hand has had her operation and she is now resting and taking it easy. The operation went well, the worst bit was the waiting around but the hospital staff were all lovely and the procedure didn’t take long. I was pretty excited to be in the operating theatre, so clean so neat and tidy.
As I layed on the bed before I knew it the surgeon came at me with her needle saying that this is going to sting a little….I wasn’t scared, needles don’t scare me, but this one….OMG as she held my arm down I could feel this liquid fill my hand , it felt like she was pouring boiling water inside me. That was the worst part of it all. My hand felt like it was blowing up like a balloon….a very strange sensation. 
So as we wait for my hand to go completely numb I’m watching the assistant nurse pull out a list. She is reading out loud to the male assistant all the implements to get ready, my eyes are popping out of my head, not because I was scared but more like….how exciting…..all I kept thinking was the medical room that I take my visitors into, I had all these wicked thoughts going through my head…….you can imagine.
They cover my arm and drape the cloth almost over my head so I cant see what’s going on. There is this cute young nurse by my side trying to have a conversation with me, they probably do that so it distracts you from what’s really going on…. Though I’m paying no attention to her and I pop my head up to see what’s going on. She asks me if I would like to see and of course I said, Yes please….

She starts to have a conversation again and tells me how brave I am and how happy I look. I’m thinking, If only you knew. I started to tell her how one day I had to have a tooth pulled out and it was really difficult for me to sit and relax. The dentist had given me enough injections and was saying that he couldn’t possibly give me any more, I kept telling him  that I can still feel what’s going on, My body was stiff, I was so nervous and shaking all over. In the end he said that he couldn’t possibly take out the tooth until I calmed down. I asked him if he had a mirror, and of course they did. It was a hand held mirror. I told him that I would like to watch him pull the tooth out, He looked over at his assistant and they thought I was joking, I wasn’t.
So I layed back, I was calm, I held the mirror up high trying not to knock him or the assistant in the head. 
Yes I know I know….but watching him pull my tooth out had completely settled me down. At the time I never really thought much about it until I started to tell people, and of course people thought I was crazy….Well I never said I wasn’t. I don’t think being crazy has anything to do with it. The more I thought about it  the more I realised that for me it was more about the unknown, having these visions in my head about a tooth being pulled out and by actually watching the tooth come out it didn’t seem so bad or scary.
So, back to my hand…Yes I watched it all even while she was stitching me up.
Stitches come out next week and then hopefully hand will be back to normal, though no hand spanking for awhile…
be good