Still packing and sorting out dates for a London Visit

So here I am up nice and early and with the sniffles, nothing new this time of the year for me, it will soon pass. Today I am busy with editing photos and video from the weekend. I cannot wait to see the end result.

The past week has been pretty emotional as some of my  regulars are wanting to see me before I leave….geez talk about leaving it to the last minute, I wasn’t planning on conducting many sessions before my big move but it would be rude of me to say no to some of my favourite visitors.

So, yep I’m busting my wee tush squeezing in a few sessions aswell as getting all my packing done and working out what to take with me and what to ship over. I am also planning on one more London trip before I leave. I will be staying for a few days where hopefully this will give me enough time to squeeze in my last London photo shoot as well as a couple of sessions here and there and of course to see a few of my close friends.

I am still working on the dates as trying to organize for everyone to be in town at the same time sure isn’t easy. Hopefully in the next few days I will have some dates, so in the meantime check out my lovely photos that my slave dj took for me.

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