New review from a client

Gday dear follower,reader and subs

I just wanted to share My new review I received from a client I saw last week. The style of session was different to my normal as my client was in a wheelchair. I really enjoyed our session and look forward to the next round.

Name: A butt
Date: August 2017
Email: butt……….au
Roleplay: I stole money from Domina which she was going to use for her next trip to Europe. So she pimped me out to one of her top paying clients and she even filmed the whole session so she can make money off me because I did steal her money.
Message: Had the pleasure of submitting to Domina V this last week. I Submitted a scenario that I wanted to undertake and Domina V executed it to the final detail. Being able to submit to her authority and receive her strap on make for a very lucky slut.
Look forward to the next session with Domina V

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