She's Back

Well hello everybody. I have finally touched down in the UK all the way from down under mate…..Yes Australia. I have to say I had the best time. I knew that one month would not be long enough as I did run out of time to see so many of my friends. So, I am sorry that I didn’t get to see those of you who I had been in contact with, I wish I had more time but I just had so much to catch up on and do. I enjoyed every minute of my time and there was just not enough hours in the day. But, I am so happy that I was able to see my close friends and I was able to squeeze in a session or two or three…..
I do apologize to those who contacted  me while I was there for sessions but, my diary was pretty much full with appointments before I left the UK. I am a Virgo after all and always have things in order no matter what. Hopefully next time I visit Oz you might be able to see me, if you book in advanced before that is.
Anyway, enough said about that. It’s good to be back, believe it or not. I thought I was going to melt. I had forgotten how hot it gets in Australia, I was told that it’s getting hotter each year….. I just think it’s because I’m so not use to it. Thank goddess for air condition and swimming pools.
Right now I am still pretty much jet lagged. It’s 5am and Ive been up since 12am. I’m just going with it right now and I don’t want to be forcing my body to sleep when it doesn’t want to.
I will be keeping you all updated through my blog as I’m staying away from TWITTER and Face Book which by the way they have suspended my account cause they believe DOMINA V isn’t my real name hahahaha can you believe that? How dare they. 
Anyway, it’s not the end of the world. To be honest I have been wanting to get rid of that Face book account for ages. I think now is the right time. I’ve got better things to do. Besides I have my other Face Book account….Gee I wonder if they will pull me up on that one too. Who cares.
So, I only wanted to make this a quicky message to you all just letting you know that I am alive , safe and sound and yes still in action. 
I have some availability for sessions from Monday 9th February. 
Please contact me via my contact form on my website HERE
Don’t forget to add your email address where its says email. ( otherwise it’s impossible for me to reply to you)
Well, that’s all for now
Be Good

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