I am currently touring in Sydney and will be commencing My tour to Melbourne from 9th till 28th October and Brighton UK from 6th till 29th November 2023.

If you want to see Me please GET IN TOUCH ASAP.

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you. I am a specialist in offering personalized one-to-one sessions for individuals who identify as truly submissive and servile.

Below is my preferred fetishes that I thoroughly enjoy catering to. I would like to share some of my favorite types of sessions. These sessions have proven to be highly effective and enjoyable for both myself and my players.

My Limits

I want to clarify that I do not offer, nor will I ever provide, a range of services. These include adult baby services, escort services, any form of explicit worship, kissing, bodily functions such as brown, Roman or golden showers, any kind of nudity, racial scenes, cuckolding, email domination, financial domination, or wrestling. Please note that my services are strictly limited to other areas, and I am committed to maintaining a professional and respectful approach at all times.

In order to maintain a safe and productive environment, it is important to note that alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited during my sessions. This policy is in place to ensure the safety and well-being of all parties involved

Sessions I Enjoy

GODDESS WORSHIP is a form of admiration and devotion towards a divine feminine figure. It encompasses various acts of reverence, such as offering gifts or performing acts of service to honour the goddess. This practice is not to be confused with objectifying or demeaning women. Instead, it canters around appreciating and respecting the power and beauty associated with the Goddess archetype. It is important to clarify any misconceptions. While it is true that there are other ladies who offer a more intimate service, I would like to make it clear that I do not provide such services. My focus is on providing a different kind of experience, one centered around reverence and spirituality. Acts of devotion can range from presenting gifts, taking Me out shopping, escorting Me to an event, taking Me out to lunch/dinner, to engaging in acts of kindness, all with the intention of expressing adoration and reverence for the divine feminine energy.

CORPORAL PUNISHMENT – When it comes to CP, the severity of the disciplinary measures will be determined by Me. However, it is important to note that your boundaries will be acknowledged and respected throughout the process. While I will strive to challenge you, I will not exceed the limits you have set.


PUPPY TRAINING: Ah, puppy training. It’s like being a tiny dictator with a fluffy sidekick. I’ll teach you the ways of the world, little pup, and you better believe treats are involved. But don’t get too comfortable, because I’m the boss around here. Let the games begin!

SLAVE TRAINING: Slave training is highly recommended for individuals who are new to the lifestyle or feel that they need to improve their skills in servitude. In order to serve me consistently, it is essential to acquire the necessary knowledge of proper etiquette and protocol.

STRAP-ON TRAINING: Strap-on play is absolutely thrilling! Just the thought of wearing my strap-on makes me feel incredibly aroused and ready for some intense pleasure. And let me tell you, the anticipation is real! So, if you’re up for it, make sure you’re nice and clean because I can’t wait to dive into this exhilarating experience with you. Let’s make it an unforgettable training session.

HUMILIATION: I take great pleasure in causing you embarrassment and humiliation. It’s like my secret superpower, bringing laughter to my soul. Observing your discomfort is akin to witnessing a diminutive worm wriggling in unease.

OBJECTIFICATION-DEHUMANISATION: Ah, objectification and dehumanization, the gift that keeps on giving! It’s like a never-ending buffet of unique experiences for each of My players. One day you’re a lamp, the next day you’re a potted plant. Who knows, maybe next week you’ll get to be a traffic cone! It’s like a twisted game show where the prize is losing your identity and becoming an inanimate object, all for My pleasure.

Human furniture

In addition to my current pursuits,

I have a range of other interests that I am passionate about.

  • Anal play
  • Blindfolds
  • Bastinado
  • Bondage
  • Boot Worship
  • CBT
  • Caning
  • Face Slapping
  • Face Spitting
  • Fetish Haircuts
  • Nipple Play
  • Pin Wheels
  • Role play
  • Sounding
  • Spanking
  • Shoe Worship
  • Trampling
  • Wax Play

Please read the following pages prior to contacting Me.

Read My Tribute Page

Read My F-A-Q Australia Page

Read My F-A-Q England Page