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G’day G’day G’day

So the last time I wrote to you was in April just after I got back from My Aussie tour. I have now finally settled….well just a little. I am in a good place and things are just getting better day after day.

So I’m happy to say that My interview with Nicholas Tanek went well. This time the audio was much better. Here is the interview below.


Okay so to all My Adelaide Clients I have booked My flight and I’ll be with you from 11th of July till 24th.
If you missed out on seeing me last time then here is your chance. I will be working from the amazing premises of My beautiful friend Mistress Gabrielle at her Fetish Palace Studios 

If you would like to book your time with Me whether its for a Dungeon session, Haircut Fetish, Sissy or Cross dressing, or if you would like to take Me shopping and for a nice Vegan meal then contact Me via My website at: Just Click on the CHOOSE YOUR DESIRE menu and choose which service you are interested in. You can then read about what I offer and the contact form will be on the bottom of each page.

So what else have I been up to lately? Well I have been busy with My one to one sessions. The Fluffy Boudoir is starting to get busy. I’m in desperate need of sorting out all the lingerie,bras and stockings. So I will be doing that this week as well as more filming.

Thanks for reading till next month
be good

Dominatrix V

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