Phone & Skype Sessions

Gday dear reader. I hope you are staying safe from this nasty virus problem. It is very frightening, almost surreal, but we must all stay strong, look after your health and help those around who need it most. We will get through this, let’s stay positive and spread the love not the germ. This coronavirus will change us all, things may not be the same as before, but we must stay strong and not panic and work towards getting our lives back to normality.

I know that it’s not easy having to stay isolated, not being able to go out as much as you use to and I know there are plenty of us who are alone during this ordeal and sometimes it’s comforting knowing we have someone who we can talk to and be ourselves without any judgement. This is why I am offering phone and Skype session chats. It doesnt have to be kink related we can talk about anything you like really.

Yes , I will be charging a small fee and you will be helping me out. Every little bit helps. If you are on Face book you may contact Me via My Face Book Page : .

Or you can contact Me via this website

I am also available for phone chats via I Want Phone:

Thank you for your loving support. I look forward to chatting with you.

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