Performing at Sanctuary

Violetta De Rose performing at Sanctuary

G’day to all my kinky followers and admirers. Just wanted to let you all know that I will be once again performing at Sanctuary for their Sanctified Derelict party on 27th January, yep right after Australia day mate…

Grab your tickets at Eventbrite HERE

Here is some info regarding the night of Filth and debauchery!

It’s January, and the first Sanctified of the year is going to be one filthy party! Our theme this time is… Derelicte… Yes, wear your trash bags, your gaff tape, your cardboard boxes, your paper bags. your gladwrap. Make your own trashy costume out of whatever you can find – prizes to the most imaginative use of everyday objects. We want to see your imagination run wild in this cheeky thumb to expensive fetish wear.

We’ll have an especially trashy soundtrack for you all to get down and dirty too!
Three levels of play equipment…
Three levels of possibilities…
Ground floor – multiple suspension points, fixed St Andrew’s cross and A-Frame, and a range of spanking furniture.
Basement – a grungy suburban dungeon vibe… Bamboo suspension point, a St Andrew’s cross, massage table, two cages.
Top Floor – Medical room and sexy fun times area. Our new curtained off section with bedding for your sensual desires has been a wild hit at our last party! As always including the infamous sex sling and our adjustable chair of doom!
Sanctuary offers a safe and fun place to explore your fetish and kink, play and socialise.
Our experienced Dungeon Monitors and staff are always on hand for any questions or help that you may need!
Allow yourself to let go and explore…
See you there!
Fetish/Theme wear required – NO EFFORT NO ENTRY
18+ event – no ID no entry.

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