Pampering time

Today I thought it was a good day to spend some quality time on myself and seeing as I’ve not had time to use up my birthday beauty vouchers, I thought it’s best I do this before I forget. So this morning I was up nice and early and as always the first one to arrive at the beauty salon. This is my first visit here and it was such a lovely surprise to see such polite staff. The nail salon that I usually go to, closer to my home, are nowhere near as polite. They are so rude, to bad that they do an ”okay job”
Anyway, enough about them. After my wonderful manicure and the amazing pedicure followed by one of the best foot massages Ive ever had. Oh how I wish my sissies were as good as this.  I think I may be just a little too soft on them, hmm… It’s time to crack that whip I think.
My next treatment was a full body massage and I have to say I really really needed it. Moving house can be a real killer on the body and I am forever packing or unpacking hahaha, the story of my life.
I am now feeling the effects of the massage, I asked for a deep tissue and it was amazing. I still have plenty of birthday gift vouchers to use up.
I just hope I have enough time to use them all before I leave the country.

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