Packing has started

I always get a little sad when I have to pack my things. It’s incredible how time flies. I still remember when I moved from London to Brighton and it feels like it was just yesterday, but it was two years ago and I have to say that The Fluffy Boudoir has had some wonderful and interesting visitors.
Moving is always a stressful time. I don’t know anybody who hasn’t stressed out over it and as much as I plan the day and have everything sorted, things always happen and you just have to be prepared for the unexpected. Goddess knows I have moved so many times and something always happens. Now I’m not just talking about bad things….I try not to think that way. You would think that by now I have gotten use to moving but I haven’t. Its always different. You have new faces around you, a new town, a new space to work from and I am so excited once all the painting is done. I think I may have chosen a colour that will suit the New Fluffy Boudoir. No, I cannot tell you, It’s all going to be a little secret.
To add to all this excitement I am also packing my suit case for my over due trip to Australia. You’re probably thinking why move house and then go on holidays?, Well things just happened that way, I always let the universe take its cause, I’m a big believer of things happen for a reason and I know that the end of this month I will pretty much be living out of a suit case. It’s times like these when I hear my mothers voice in my head calling me her little gypsy. 
So, today I have emptied out most of the shelves. Tomorrow the wardrobe will be packed away. I will be squeezing in a few sessions during the move so if you are still keen to see me I may have some availability left. Today I took some photos, I’m sad but I’m also happy…..I know this is the next step for The Fluffy Boudoir and Cross dressing salon to grow, I cannot wait to open its doors.

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