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Packing Up The Fluffy Boudoir……again….

Oh it’s that time of the year again where I  can either hate it, or embrace it with love, and of course I’ve chosen Love.  I’m always up for new and wonderful adventures and I’ve never been shy of saying No. I have to say that I’m pretty good with adapting to different situations, even if deep down I know it may not be the right choice but, my instincts are usually spot on and thankfully keep me safe. 

The past 9 months sure were a challenge and I think life would be so damn boring if we didn’t see our challenges through or even try to get through them and as always I pulled through.

I cannot believe that it’s been almost 3 years since I moved here from good old London town…..and boy do I have some great memories from that place. North London is where I started Fluffy Boudoir back in 2011 and each year gets better and better. Moving to Brighton was an easy choice, so when the time was right I had no doubt in my mind not to leave London. Moving out of London meant that business might not be as busy but I was ready to take that chance. My choice to move to Brighton was a lifestyle decision and I have to say that business has been pretty good so far, so I’ve no complaints.

My first trip to Brighton Sept 18th 2009
I remember when I first moved to London from Sydney a friend of mine took me to Brighton for my birthday and I so fell in love with the place and now here I am. Brighton has given me some wonderful times and things just keep getting better. I have met some lovely people and have made some wonderful friends.

I’m really looking forward to these next few months as I find myself packing The Fluffy Boudoir, yep again and heading out to a new location. Working from home was great though I have to say that I did struggle with a few things mainly through dealing with my OCD,  yes can you imagine? But, I feel that this is the right move and to be honest I don’t know how I managed to survive for so long. Having strangers coming to your home is not easy, I’m sure many of us working ladies all feel the same, but it wasn’t so much that, it was more about my anxiety as well as the whole hygiene factor….yes I’m anal about hygiene yes ha ha no pun intended.

 A few months ago Sissy Patsy came over for her Maid Training and in the middle of make up application the buildings fire alarm went off. Now this isn’t some silly little ring tone I’m talking about this was some major ringing going straight through your ear drums. This isn’t the first time it’s gone off, but it’s always a false alarm from one of the flats upstairs, but it’s never happened when I’ve had a visitor at my home, so this really freaked me out as it did to Patsy. Usually someone from upstairs switches it off but there was no one in the building and the only way to turn it off was to enter the main hall way, which I had no key to enter with.

So to cut a long story short, two fire trucks later poor Patsy and I are standing outside the building as we had to evacuate, and yes Patsy did take her make up off….can you imagine? Once we got the ”all clear” to go back in we both sat for a cup of tea and had a little chat.  I have to say I was pretty shaken about the whole thing and I cant imagine what was going through Patsy’s head. I told her that I was cool if she didn’t want to go ahead with the session and I was relieved when she said that maybe it’s best she goes home. I felt terrible as last time she had to cancel due to sickness, but what can you do? To be honest I don’t think I could have kept going, there was so many things racing through my head and I pretty much decided on  that day that I really needed to find a much suitable place.

All the shoes are packed away

 I’m really excited for this move as I no longer have to worry about nosey neighbours and keeping down the noise level. My new location is much suited and easier to get to from Brighton station. Also for those of you who love a bit of kinky play included with your ”Make Up and Dressing” session there is now the option of using the dungeon without having to leave the building. That’s right we also have two other rooms which I love to use especially when I introduce them to my Sissies.


Since introducing my new services ”Dressing and Kinky Play Dungeon” exactly 12 months ago it has taken off better than expected, so it only makes sense that I build on what works.

So September is going to be a full on month for me. Packing has already started and I have cleared out so much stuff which I’ve sent over to my favourite charity shop. Sessions have already started at the new location. I have allocated time slots for sessions for this month so if you are wanting to see me do get in touch ASAP.

Also I will be celebrating my birthday on the 18th so this will be a 4 week long party Yay…and why not it’s not everyday you turn 46…..Bahahahha.

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