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Thursday 5th June 2014

Okay, so May was a ridiculous crazy month here at The Fluffy Boudoir. So many changes as well as new faces. The dressing room is getting smaller and smaller or maybe that’s cause I keep filling it up with fabulous dresses and shoes, not to mention a new make up collection. Thank you to those who have kindly donated unwanted items, your generosity is always appreciated.

These past four months at my new location has sure been an interesting journey and I am so looking forward to the next 6 months where hopefully I will have some exciting news…..sorry, its a secret.
Due to the amount of time that is needed to keep my websites updated, which I do all on my own, I have decided to add a new page here at The Fluffy Boudoir website for my Cross Dressing Services.
I have taken down the Cross Dressing salon website as unfortunately I do not have the time to keep it updated.There are also some new changes to services that I offer and I hope that you find something to suit your needs.

Friday 18th April 2014

It’s so wonderful to see the sun shining through the Fluffy Boudoir Dressing room. Our new home is so cosy and warm. Situated in Brighton and Hove and only 2 seconds away from the train station. There is a row of independent shops, a taxi company a couple of cafes and a busy looking modern bar/restaurant.I am located downstairs in a basement house tucked away from the outside world; the hall way leads straight to the Fluffy Dressing room which then has a door that takes you to my private and discreet garden.
These past few days I’ve had the gardener come in as it really needed a major cut. I am so happy with the results and I cannot wait till summer arrives. Also I am hoping to have little party ‘’get-to-get-hers’’ during the warmer months and it would be so nice if you would join me. Maybe you would like to serve me in your pretty uniform? Well, if so you must first complete the Maid training course before I would consider you.
I have slowly added all the hats, bags and feather boas, which are now hanging nicely in the long hallway. The bathroom is looking all girlie, pink of course, and in the ladies toilet there are plenty of wonderful magazines to read as well as other funny and interesting paraphernalia to keep you amused. All photos will be taken by me, unless of course we decide that a professional photographer is needed. This is always a fun day. There is no rushing around, no pressure and we never keep an eye on the clock.
Normally while the sun is shining through the Fluffy Boudoir window I enjoy been served my coffee in bed. I have decided that I will now consider having new maids to serve me at The Fluffy Boudoir premises. Since moving to our new location I have not had much time to keep up with the work load and running behind is not good now, is it?
I have so many emails to reply that I simple could not answer all of them. Naturally all the emails and messages that I do get are read by me, but very few do I reply too. Your one lined sentences just doesn’t do it for me. If you really want to see me then you should make the effort, I think anyway.Also I do not use sms text messaging on my phone. The only time I would, is if I know the person and have met them before. Why on earth would I want to be answering text messages from strangers? Boring..
At the moment I am trying out new maids. They have all completed the maid training course, though there were a couple that have no chance in hell……sorry girls, but it’s true. The girls who have passed know what I am talking about. I want to say congratulations to the Sissies who have made it through. You are now ready to serve me, or if you like you can try serving another Goddess, I think we should all share, there is plenty for everybody. Now it’s time to rest my injured hand and shoulder, the sun is out and my book is screaming at me to pick it up.
Be Good, thanks for reading

Friday 18th April 2014

It’s so wonderful to see the sun shining through the Fluffy Dressing room. Our new home is so cosy and warm. Situated in a great location 2 seconds away from the train station and right newt door to a cab company. There is a row of independent shops, a couple of cafes and a busy looking modern bar/restaurant. Situated in a basement house tucked away from the outside world .I have slowly added all the hats, bags and feather boas .

Monday 10th March 2014

Whoever said that time flies when you’re having fun deserve a medal. I cannot believe it’s March already.
Well, I thought it was about time that I wrote you and kept you all up to date with all the wonderful and exciting things that I’ve been up to. Firstly I want to say thank you to everyone for being patient, as I mentioned in my email I am booked up till the end of March. There is a waiting list.

Friday 7th March 2014

I am happy to say that Fluffy Boudoir and the CD Salon will have a new home very soon. The new location is a hop skip and a jump away from the train station. We have the taxi office across the road which is ideal for those of you who live close by and want to leave your car at home. There are plenty of shops near by for shopping outings. Summer is just around the corner and Brighton and Hove have plenty of lovely cafe for us to sit and relax in under the sun. (with our shades on, of course).
I will keep you all updated as I go.


Thursday 23rd January 2014, 7:10am

So far this new year has been amazing. I have meet a few newbies who wanted some strict dungeon sessions. It was also good to see a few of my sissies and Cross dressers wanting to experience what it feels like to be in the dungeon. Yesterday I had a very brave visitor come to see me from abroad. He insisted that he wanted to go out in public dressed up as a woman. I must say, I really do enjoy these type of sessions. When I finished with him I was amazed at just how convincing he was. His new name was Julia de la sol. I could see just how nervous Julia was she had no idea what I had installed for her. We caught a taxi into town and found a nice little cafe with a court yard. Thankfully the heaters were on as there was a slight chill in the air.

After we had our tea and cake we walked around looking in shop windows. Julia bought a lovely curly wig and a nice pair of shoes for herself. It was good to see that her feet were not hurting as much as mine, but I really did need to sit down so I suggested that we visit a bar for a light refreshment.

Julia didnt know it but the place we walked into was a lesbian bar. At first she had no idea, I think she was just nervous about the whole bar situation and men staring at her. After our first drink she finally started to relax more and come out of her shell. We had a lovely chat, all about dressing of course.
I love hearing stories from my visitors about how they got into their fetish. Each one is so unique and different. While Julia was busy chatting away being all lady like, someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and it was an old girlfriend of mine who I hadn’t see for ages. She kissed me on the lips which was lovely, I turned to look at Julia and you should of see the look on her face. I could see she was a little embarrassed but I could also see a little bit of jealousy in her eyes. I introduced them and we all had another round of drinks. Eventually my friend had to go and we also decided that our tummies needed some food. I suggested a lovely vegetarian restaurant called Food For Friends. Their dishes are amazing. I told Julia that it’s best we walk there so I can show her off to my friends on the streets, I could see she really liked this as she tried to be brave in front of me. I think the drinks did help her to relax more. I think she did really well considering this was a first date.
After our delicious late lunch we headed back to the dungeon where my slave was locked in the cellar. I gave him some food scraps and some water and told him to go and sit in the corner. I called Julia over and I started to slowly undress her. She was shaking all over. I put on some music and got her to dance for me while I rested my feet on top of my slaves back. Julia was doing a great job with her moves , I could see slave sneaking a peek at her as his cock started to raise. I pulled on his leash and slapped him for his erection.

It was now time to get filthy with Julia. The little tart just couldn’t help herself as she started playing with her mangina. I pulled her knickers off & gave her a condom. She new exactly what I was thinking. I got slave to stand up as Julia went down on her knees and tried to put the condom on with her mouth. Looks like she’s done this before the little slut.

As I watched her shinny red lipstick slowly starting to smudge all over her face I grabbed her hair and I whispered in her ear. She started to suck the cock making sure it stayed nice and hard. I got her to play with herself at the same time. I find this funny to watch cause they never get it right. It seems men find it hard to concentrate when they have a cock in their mouths and at the same time play with themselves. Julia was finally starting to get into the rhythm. As I watched both slave and slut perform for me I got up and walked out of the room. I’m always full of surprises and you never know what’s coming next. I came back with a vibrating toy and I slowly insert it to her bum hole. I could see she was minutes away from having an orgasm, but I gave her orders that she was not allowed to come until I say so. I could see slave trying really hard not to come as I told him earlier that if he came without permission his punishment will be his worst nightmare.
I left the room again and I quickly got changed into something more comfortable. When I came back the two sluts were going for it making noises. Thankfully the dungeon is under ground and you can make all the noise you want. It was now time to see them both come at the same time. I sat down on my comfortable chair and watched as they both came hard. Julia made a mess and I got her to lick it all clean. I instructed Julia to have her shower and get changed while I have my way with slave. I put him over the bench , grabbed my favourite cane and gave him 20 strokes one after the other. I put him back into his cage to rest as I had another visitor arriving soon and I would be using his body again for my pleasure.
Julia was soon showered and dressed and I checked to see if she had removed all the make-up. We said out goodbyes and she thanked me for pushing her limits (something Im very good at). Hopefully I will see Julia later in the year when she visits the UK for her business trip.

Monday 13th January 2014

Hello there and happy new year. So now that the new year resolutions are set I am so happy to say that Fluffy Boudoir Brighton has celebrated the new year with an amazing !BANG!. These past few months have been hectic with non stop action. The wardrobe is totally full and there just isnt enough space to swing a cat-o-nine. I would like to apologize to those who have been trying to book, but like I’ve mentioned in your email, you are all on the waiting list.

I am sooooo looking forward to those who have pre-booked in advance. At this stage I have no free dates and my diary is booked out until late February early March. If you are still interested in coming to see me please email me at info@fluffyboudoir.com with your inquiry and you will be added to my waiting list.

I also offer dressing services and BDSM in the dungeon for those wishing to push their kinky side. If this is something that you are interested in please email asap as places are limited.
Till then, Be Good

Thurs 26th Dec 2013

I would like to say thank you to all of you who have emailed me regarding my blog. I know I know its sad but hey, I haven’t gone anywhere. I am still here and you will still hear from me. I will be using this Diary page to keep you all updated with all the latest news , updates and anything else that I want to share with you..I think blogging is totally over rated and it’s got to the point where there is so much going on the Internet that it’s impossible to keep updated with everything. So I have decided to go back to basics and keeping it simple. Another reason is so that I can have more time to myself and more time to concentrate on my business instead of worrying about sending out my newsletters and blogs as I had so many and it was doing my head in, as you can imagine.

Thing’s happen for a reason and I’m glad I decided to take a step back from the Internet world. I am fully booked here at Fluffy Boudoir till mid February.

Sorry to those of you who wanted to book these past few months but I just don’t have enough hours to fit you all in. I will stay in touch with those of you who are on the waiting list for next year.
I do not celebrate Christmas as I think it’s all a big rip off commercial day.
Till next time
Be good, and listen to your mother.

2013-11-28-Good Bye to Blogging

Hello Dear Follower and reader. As I sit here wondering how to write this to you I’m feeling a sense of relief for some how it feels OK to me. With the way things are going in this world and the law tightening its belt on adult content on the Internet it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. But I see this as a positive step and as sad as it makes me feel, I think I am making the right choice. Those of you who have never met me can see by my websites and all my blogs the amount of time I spend sharing my wonderful world with you all. Those of you who have met me know how hard I work and how I like to do things 110% and the amount of time I spend keeping my sites up to date. With so many new social sites popping up left right and centre there is so much that is available to us. I am always up to trying new things and if it doesn’t work then I simply move on to the next.
I feel that this is the right time to stop blogging. I think the GOOGLE corporation is fucking it up for all of us, now we are told that they can access our emails. This makes me angry. How are we to have any confidentiality with our clients.
Internet is fucking it up for us adult workers. Yes it was great when it first came out and made networking so much easier, but now I think things have gotten out of hand and greed, money & power is the way to move forward.
This is something that doesn’t sit right with me. This is not who I am or who I want to be. I’m just me, someone who does no harm ( well unless I’m beating the crap out of you) I just like to share my little world with you all but now I’m told that I can’t write that or I can’t post that photo because its too offensive….I mean for Fooks sake,someone remind me what era we live in again please cause things feel like they are going backwards.
This new GOOGLE+ which I still don’t understand it, I just see no point in it. Well not for us adult workers. So if adult content is not allowed then why are you giving us new emails to set up, why are you giving away free adwords for google why keep shoving it into our faces for then you to turn around and delete our sites just like that……oh yeah,,,thats it….I should have  read the ”Terms and Conditions right?
Well fook your Conditions cause you know where I would love to shove them.
So, Like I said I am going to take this on and in a calm and positive way. It will lead me to a new direction, a place where I don’t have to abide by government rules and regulations.

I will find something else that works for me and as long as I’m happy then that’s all that matters. Because when I’m happy then all those around me are happy to.

When I have the time I will post all my old blog post on to my website but it will not be in a blog format.
Thank you for reading and thank you all for your support.
Be Good

2013-11-23-I wanted to share this with you….

I couple of weeks ago I received this message from an international admirer. It really made my day as at the time that I read it I was feeling sad about something which I can’t remember what about now, but I just wanted to share it with you…………..

Dear MsDominaV

I hope you don’t mind me writing uninvited and I do not expect a response…I simply wanted you to know how much it means when someone like me sees all the amazing work you do and to know there are Women like you out there so gorgeous, so caring and so understanding of sissies.
How I wish I knew you but still best wishes,

hello SCG

Thank you for the lovely comments. It’s always lovely to hear that there are people out there who do appreciate the little things I do, even though it’s not anywhere near as much as what I would like to do.
But I do try. It’s not easy in this day and age where the market is flooded and everywhere you look there’s another person doing the same. But I still think there is plenty of room in this world for everybody,
I’m just happy to know that there are lovely people who follow me and even though I may never meet them in this lifetime I do appreciate genuine people like yourself. So thank you SCG,
I guess without people like you I wouldn’t be doing what I enjoy the most.
I’ve always wanted to travel to your country and I will one day, it will come and you never know, we might even bump into each other somewhere.
Be good


Such a real and lovely response to match the visuals I have been seeing of you.
I think the reason I wrote is because it is so important to me to acknowledge profound work being done by special people and I have been a sissy long enough to recognize it immediately. This is why you struck me so viscerally.
I won’t bore you with the details of what I see/saw in you but in summary it appears that you are one of the rare Women who is capable of using your passion for feminizing men to help make us better sissies-subs-people.
It so happens that you look gorgeous, wear stylish clothing and have a photogenic face that makes one feel your comforting support – but we know these traits only to be a bonus to what I see actually taking place.
I am also writing for the other 1,000 sissies who are either too flaky, too troubled, too shy, or too mixed up to write to say the things I know they are also thinking. Because they are out there perhaps viewing you without due outward respect but with good intentions nonetheless…
To your point about the market being flooded- yes true but the truth is the world is not flooded with REAL and unique Dommes such as yourself this is something to remember if you ever feel you are competing…you are not. You have already won.

I see we are about the same age and though you never look it I think at this age of being a full time companion to someone as a sissy and though I had been asked on occasion I yet am hesitant because I did not feel the “depth” of the person…in you I see that YES there are Women like you out there so I can be a little more patient. What a wonderful thing to give to me.

I know we would never meet yet I wanted to write. To hear your words so well spoken is such a nice thing I cannot tell you thank you for taking the time to write! Of course if you ever did come to my country
I would be thrilled to meet you, maybe show you around this area and the kink world that exists…but this message was not written by me to try and meet you – it was because you’re special enough that I feel I already know you.

2013-11-18-Gallery Updates- Maid Geraldine Photos


Maid Geraldine is busy with her chores at Fluffy Boudoir

2013-11-18-Gallery Updates- Maid Chloe’s first visit

I’ve had some spare time tonight to upload more photos to the New Fluffy Gallery.  Today I uploaded Maid Chloe’s first visit to Fluffy Boudoir back in June.

2013-11-13-The History and Arts of the Dominatrix by Anne O Nomis.

Yesterday the postman knocked at my door with a delivery. It was no surprise as I already knew what it was in the box. The night before I was speaking on the phone to my friend, she confirmed that her book will be arriving the next day.
My friend goes by the name of Anne O Nomis (a word-play on ‘anonymous’) was born in the Antipodes. She received her MA degree in comparative art and archaeology from University College London (UCL), and works as an historian, consultant and curator of ancient and contemporary art.
Nomis undertook clandestine training in one of Australia’s leading dungeons under the tutelage of some 15 Dominatrices, and pursued independent research in the British Museum, British Library and the underground ‘scene’ over a four-year period.

She is currently writing two works of fiction, and plans to continue her studies to obtain a doctorate in Near Eastern material culture, ritual and mythology, and the origins of early civilization. Nomis lives between Melbourne and London.

This is a first edition and only 2000 copies made. Not available on Kindle. This book will be a collectors item.
This book was always intended to be important for libraries (and already touted as the ‘seminal’ work on the subject of the Dominatrix’s history and craft). With all its artwork illustrations, from the ancient world and archaeology, from historical prints and paintings, from vintage photographs, it very much a collector’s format. It also considered the bookcases, bedside and coffee tables of those who purchased it.
Some people will want the instant kindle download, for its portability, discretion, immediacy of download once available. But for those who love ‘real books’, then the limited first edition book will be most delicious and satisfying. I would also like to add that yours truly is also mentioned in this wonderful book. I feel very honoured to be part of this collectors edition.
This book is available from the following outlets.

66 Marchmont Street, Bloomsbury WC1N 1AB, LONDON

49 Glebe Point Road, Sydney 2037 AUSTRALIA

I know you will enjoy reading this book as much as I have.

2013-11-07-New Fluffy Boudoir Gallery

I have finally had the chance to start on the new Fluffy Boudoir Gallery. There is still loads of photos to add so bare with me as I work on it when I have some time off in between my sessions. So in the mean time why not check it out. HERE

2013-11-06November Updates

Wow, How cold is it out there? It’s very breezy here by the beach. Not a good time to be wearing our sexy short skirts and high heels. These past couple of months have been amazing with many of you trying out some BDSM with your dressing session. I have to say I’m very surprised how many of you are naughty little sissy kinksters.

Well I hope to be meeting a few of you who have contacted me regarding having a dressing session and using the dungeon.

I am also in the process of updating the Fluffy Boudoir Gallery as I’ve had to change servers so this could take some time, but I promise I will keep you all updated once the new gallery has a new home.
So in the mean time, I hope you are all nice and warm wherever you may be in this big wide world.
Be good

2013-10-14-Back To Normal

Well today I’m feeling much better. My throat is still a little husky but it’s a lot better. I Just wanted to say thank you to everybody who sent me get well wishes. So much love in the air…..
Today I have Melanie TV visit me in the dungeon. Kidnap and interrogation is on the menu….follow by forced bi…..

Make up Demo for Cross dressers parts 1-3 plus Pussy Control Promo Video

Here is a quick and easy 3 part Video of a very basic Make up application for Cross dressers. My lovely model is CD Katy. On this day we were filming for the Pussy Control Fetish Night promo Video, so I wasn’t planning on filming Katy’s make up application, but it all seem to work out .  I have  also added the Pussy Control clip, just for you.

See if you can spot  CD Katy in the video below.

Sissy Chrissy makeover clips parts 1-3


2013-10-13-Fluffy Boudoir party

I would like to announce that Fluffy Boudoir is planning a little private Sissy party. This is something New for the Sissy World and an opportunity for you to experience Nirvana. This event will take place in a stylishly decorated and Discreet private members club (which is ideally located for our purpose) here in Brighton.
This will be a closed door event and Guests can expect to experience an afternoon where you can relax and revel in a totally Safe environment, Fluffy Boudoir style. I will be holding this private event on a Sunday 13th October 2013 during the day starting from 1pm and will finish for 6pm (unless of course everyone is enjoying themselves so much that we overrun a smidgen or two ).
Places are limited. The cost for the day is only £200 pounds, Not a bad deal I have to say. I have planned an Afternoon that will ensure your visit is one to remember. There will be staff on hand to welcome you and we shall be attentive to all persuasions and will cater for both the shy and the exhibitionist amongst you. Included in your visit will be a Welcome glass of Bucks Fizz, nibbles, plenty of entertainment and some prizes for those who have made a Special effort. Aside from myself, there will be a Make Up Artist and we shall be looking to pass on tips not for a makeover, but for us to advise and help you to improve on your own skills.
A Photographer shall also be in attendance for anyone wishing to capture a private moment as a memento. This is of course Optional and your right to Total Anonymity will be Adhered to throughout your visit. You are encourage to bring your best sissy attire but for those who may not own an outfit please let me know beforehand and I will try to sort something out for you.
ALSO, I am prepared to box and store your sissy outfit for those with difficult circumstances. I intend for this day to cater to everyone’s needs and ensure that as much attention to detail as possible is in place The venue is modern and luxurious and is on 2 floors with a well stocked bar and this will allow you the opportunity to socialize with other like minded sissies, to join in the games or just sit and enjoy the Ambiance of the days events we have planned for you. So what can you expect on the day? Makeup artist to help you achieve your look Each Sissy to serve for 1 hour Makeup and deportment tips The chance to socialise with other Sissies. Competitions for : Best Dressed Best Maid Best Dancer You will be required to apply your own makeup but you will have the makeup artist there as well as myself to help you.
This event is for those who enjoy dressing as a sissy and who would like to be in the company of others who enjoy the same. Each sissy will be given a set time to arrive and get ready. Sissies will have an hour to get ready. There will be an allocated cloak and bag area. SO WHAT ARE THE PRIZES I HEAR YOU ASK? Prizes include a complimentary makeover and dressing session at Fluffy Boudoir with photos taken.
You will be mentioned on my blog, twitter and facebook feeds. You will also be added to a new section on my website called ”Sissy of the month”
NB: I would like to say that your identity will never be shown or mentioned. All information is kept confidential and private. If you feel that you would like to be part of this exciting opportunity to meet me and other like minded sissies then I would love to hear from you.
There is no BDSM involved in this event. There will be no nudity or sexual style of play. This is strictly a Sissy Dressing event. You will be required to pay full fee upfront to cover cost for the venue as well as food drinks, staff and of course my presence.
If you a interested in attending please email.
I welcome those who are new to dressing. If you are shy and never been in this sort of environment or if you’ve always dreamed of coming to such an event then I welcome you to come and participate. I understand that many of you may never want to take that step further and I respect you for that.
In my years of experience in dealing with Cross Dressers, Sissies, Maids and T-girls is that we are all on a different journey even though we all have the same likes, but we are all unique individuals and that’s what makes each and everyone of us special. I treat all my Sissies differently though I always believe in treating those the same way you would like to be treated. I put in 110% into the things I love and one of those things is Fluffy Boudoir.
I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life who come to see me because they feel they can trust me to show them and guide them to improve on areas that they feel they need help on. This is not just a job for me as calling it that doesn’t feel right. It’s my passion in life and something that I know I am good at. The stories I hear from my Sissy visitors about their past experiences make me sad that they had to go through such an uncomfortable moment. But rest assure uncomfortable is the last thing I would want you to be.
With a solid team behind me, experienced in event promotion, Fluffy Boudoir will ensure you a tailor made afternoon. Places are limited and if this is a first brave step for you then I am happy to answer any queries you may have. If you feel that you would like to attend you are welcomed to call me or email me and tell me why you feel you would be suited to attend. Or you can join the new Face Book group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FluffyBoudoirParties/ ( this facebook page no longer exists)

On the sick side

The past two days I have no voice. It seems that I have caught a nasty bug of someone and now my voice has gone. So I sit here in silence watching my Sissy redecorate the Fluffy Boudoir room. I asked her to come in cause I felt it was time for the Fluffy Boudoir to be moved around. I tend to do this every few months. So far she has done a really nice job and in return she gets to bend over and receive my hand spanking for being such a good girl.

2013-10-10-Happy Birthday to Alana Silk


2013-10-08-Who Is DOMINA V?

You’re probably wondering who is this DOMINA V? I have to confess that I am a very private person and from the time that blogs first came out I swore that I would never start one. Then MySpace came out followed by Facebook and god knows how many other sites. I joined them all but soon deleted my profiles as I felt like I didn’t have any privacy and it was all just a waste of my valuable time.
Well, unquestionably the Internet is here to stay and thankfully we can now communicate with loved ones, friends and family. Though I have found that since mobile phones and emails became popular people have become much lazier. With instant access to pushing that send button, I have found that we are all just too busy to stay connected with the people that matter the most.
Throughout the years I have used the Internet to my great advantage, and I have to ask, where would I be without it? Though I really do miss the old days of landlines and hand-written letters in beautiful writing – much more personal and intimate. So here I am with my brand (spanking) new website which I am happy and proud to say that I created all by myself. Via it hope to bring together like-minded people with similar kinky interests and ideas.
So you’re probably wondering what’s so special about DOMINA V? What is it that I have to offer you. Well that’s very easy, I have loads to offer you. My passion for hair and make-up – as you can see from my own photos – shows that no matter where you go you should always try to look your best. I have felt this way ever since I can remember. When I was a little girl I would sneak into my mother’s room to rummage around in her AVON products, and, boy, what joy did I have in those days! I still remember the very first time that I shaved my legs and used to wear leg warmers (during the Aussie summer) to cover them up so that my parents wouldn’t find out; but, alas, how could they not! My first ever exciting experience wearing red lipstick was when I saw a picture from The Rocky Horror show. I still love that movie and can watch it over and over again.
I have always loved make-up. I have always loved being a girl and becoming the stunning woman you can see on all my websites. I take pride in the way I look and I just love taking forever getting ready. To me the whole process of getting ready and applying my make-up and deciding what to wear is so much fun. I never get bored of it.
I never wake up in the morning and go ”’Ahhhh do have to do it all over again”. I would say It takes me longer to do my makeup then it does to find something to wear believe it or not. I think it’s not what you wear but how you wear it. Oh all that Gucci , Prada, Louboutin, Channel , blah blah blah…….Oh come on ladies, Really!! Lets calm down now. Each to their own I guess…Though I am a big sucker for Vivienne Westwood…..mmmmmmm
So coming back to your question, I think that my wealth of experience from modelling, stage performances and as well as completing a John Robert Powers course (many moons ago Ahem) has all been part of my process.
I am a fully qualified hairdresser and I have a diploma in make-up artistry Oh, and let’s not forget one of my alter egos, The Dominatrix. I have also completed several course’s from the beauty company known as Clarins, Which by the way I still use.
So as you can see my background in this field is just perfect for what I am trying to achieve today. I can teach you how to be more convincingly feminine. How to walk, move, dress, sit with style and confidence – the list goes on and on… All thanks to John Robert Powers Personnel Development for making me the powerful, knowledgeable woman I am today. hahaha go Robert”… Though I’m hearing stories that JRP is all a scam, well I guess that’s another story.
Since working as a Professional Dominatrix in Sydney Australia I have had many requests from clients wanting to be made-up and even be escorted to girlie events and fetish clubs. I have to say that I’m not the most sociable person in the world and getting me out of my house is not easy. Since I arrived in the UK in Feb 2008, I have learnt so much about people, myself and just life in general, I want you to know that you’ve come to the right place.
All I know is from the feedback I get from my clients and I have to say it makes me so happy to hear such wonderful comments. So if you have read this far then I congratulate you. Well done. I know these days we are all so busy and trying to find time to read about information on the web and there is so much out there. Your next question should be , Who will you trust to take you to that little extra mile?
Thanks for reading

2013-10-08-Fluffy Boudoir Newsletter Update

I would first like to apologize to all my Newsletter subscribers who will be receiving this noticed again but I wanted to say that I am so happy that you have all joined me here by following my blog updates. I wish I could give you all a huge big HUG,So here goes…..
Since my relocation to Brighton, I have been steadily concentrating on building certain areas of my Business and due to the increasing amount of time spent on filming, slave training, BDSM sessions and concentrating on Fluffy Boudoir & The Cross Dressing Salon, I have decided that I will no longer be sending out the Monthly Newsletter.
This is upsetting for me as I do love to keep you all informed and I do enjoy sending you all my latest news and updates but as there are not enough hours in my day I just cannot keep up with all the work load and I must concentrate on what brings food to the table.
But don’t fear yet, I’m not disappearing or going anywhere. You can still receive all my latest News and updates via email. I can add you to the new Blog subscription mailing list. So not much is changing really.
I have been filming more often and I am always looking for filming Sissies, Crossdressers and Tgirls who are interested in BDSM and would like to be filmed in a dungeon. If you are interested and would like to participate then please contact me. You do not need any acting experience as this is not necessary. Just a genuine desire to be in front of the camera with yours truly. You will be required to pay a small tribute to cover cost for the day and you will also receive a copy for your personal use.
I have also been training several slaves/subs Sissies and Maids and I am pleased with their progress. It is truly wonderful to have such committed people who have grown so much personally in such a short time.
Fluffy Boudoir and The Cross Dressing Salon
I have been building the wardrobe and I have also been lucky to have several kind donors who have passed on some of their clothing collection. I have also gained some new clients who have been experiencing shopping trips and event outings here in Brighton as well as the occasional London visit which is so much.

2013-10-08-Forced Bi sessions ”ExtraVeeganza” London 30th Oct 2013

Well it’s that time of the year again where I get to see all my filthy little sluts all in the same room. I will be having a Forced Bi sessions ”ExtraVeeganza”. ( Vee meaning Me ). You will get the chance to see Me in action. The last party which was in April was so much fun though it was a shame I had to knock back a few applicants due to slot availability. Well this time I will be at a much bigger dungeon with loads of room and plenty of floor space and there is no limit on how many can attend. Though as much as I would love to have you all in the same room I think it will get a little crowded.
So places are limited still so do NOT let this one go as you will be sorry you did.
Forced Bi ExtraVeeganza
I will be in London on Wed Oct 30th for a full day of Forced Bi sessions
Myself and my Assistant will be on hand to assist me.
I may also have a Master to attend for those who need to be dominated by a Man.
This event will run from 12pm until 9pm.
NB: This event is a full day of forced bi filth.
Hoods will be provided for those who require them.
If you would like to be part of this amazing opportunity then please email for more information.

2013-10-07-Happy Birthday Melanie TV

I just wanted to wish one of my girls a Happy Birthday. Enjoy your day and see you real soon. X
I have started a new group on Fetlife. If you are a member come and join the group or if you are not on Fetlife then what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE TO JOINThis group is dedicated to Sissies/Maids/T-Girls/CrossDressers and of course friends and admirers. This is “A Safe Haven” where you can explore and express your inner self with like minded individuals, share tips & make new friends….all are welcome in this house.
Fluffy Boudoir and The Cross Dressing Salon are both the creations of DOMINA V and have been offering a full range of Services to clients from afar as USA, Europe and the UK.both have been specifically created and each has it’s own growing following.
Originally started in London, we have now relocated to Brighton in April 2013 and are now able to offer a full range of Services and events to cater for all persuasions, including Private parties, shopping trips, club outings and tea parties.
If you are new to Fetlife and you’ve just joined just click on the link that says Groups and enter in the search box FLUFFY BOUDOIR BRIGHTON.
2013-10-07-Fluffy Boudoir welcomes Alana Silk
Yesterday I had a very interesting session with a new visitor. His name is Alana Silk. Alana has been dressing for many years and has visited many Mistresses and Cross dressing services. We had so much to talk about as we both have the same interest in writing. Alana gave me some good advice and in return I gave her a damn good thrashing, after all that is what I am good at. Well besides all the chit chat she was very impressed with what I made her wear. I can’t believe she’s never worn a corset. Well I said to her ”Alana there are many things that you will be doing and wearing when you are with me”, You should’ve seen the look on her face.
She allowed for me to take some photos though I’ve had to pixelate her face seeing as she’s very well known in the public. We discussed our next session and I am looking forward to having her in the dungeon where she will be able to scream as much as she likes.

Fluffy Boudoir Face Book Group

I have recently left Face book and this group is no longer available


Come and join my new Fluffy Boudoir FaceBook Group.
This is a PRIVATE GROUP not opened to the public. This group is for Sissies and Cross Dressers who would like to attend my private parties. If you are keen to attend my private Sissy and CD parties then why not join my new Fluffy Boudoir FaceBook Group.
Remember this is a private page and only available to those who are genuine and who are keen to attend my events.
Only genuine Sissies and CD’s will be accepted. Time wasters will not be tolerated you will be ignored.
If you are not a lover of Facebook or you do not have a Facebook Sissy or CD profile then why not join my Monthly newsletter and stay updated with all the latest News from Fluffy Boudoir and The Cross Dressing Salon.

Maid Chloe Visits the Dungeon- teaser Clip


Maid Chloe Visits the Dungeon- New Clips

Ok all you Maid Chloe fans I have 9 new clips of Maid Chloe, this time she visits me in the dungeon. That’s right a Sissy maid who takes the plunge and leaves the comfort of Fluffy Boudoir and enters my wonderful BDSM world.I will be adding her new clips once a week to my clips4sale store and lets not forget that ALL of 9 clips will be added to my Members site

WebCam Sessions Now Available

How exciting. I am now available for webcam sessions for those who cannot see me in person. Imagine that, a live webcam session with me in the comfort of your own home. So what are you waiting for? Drop me an email and I will reply back with all the info you need to know. .There is no software to install. Runs on any browser supporting flash. Does NOT work on tablet or mobiles due to flash restrictions. Full HD quality with mp3 audio depending on webcam capabilities. Private and group chat with 2 way video features. It’s 2.00 per min for private chat.

Email me at inquiries@dominav.net to book a webcam session

Maid Chloe Visits the Dungeon

Yesterday Maid Chloe paid another visit. I gave her a secret address and told her that I would meet her there. She had no idea that the secret address is actually a dungeon where I had everything prepared and ready to use her again. I also had my loyal maid Christine. I told her to come to Fluffy Boudoir where I got her to wear an outfit that I felt was suited for our journey as we had to get into a taxi I felt the maids uniform might scare a neighbour or two. Maid Christine was my assistant for the day though she is actually not that good at cleaning so I decided to give her other tasks. As Maid Christine started to get the dungeon set up with the cameras and lighting I chilled in the next room and started to get ready taking my time. Maid Chloe wasn’t due for another couple of hours so sipping on a glass of red wine and checking my emails was my first priority.
I honestly thought that August would be a quiet month as all my visitors are usually on holidays, but this year my diary tells me that there will be no rest for me this month. It would be great if I could film once a week but thats just not possible for me at this stage as my sessions do come first. I was lucky to squeeze in Chloe’s visit and I am so happy that we did.
Once the room was set up I walked around to check that everything was in order. I sent Maid Christine out to buy some wine as Maid Chloe enjoys it and it does calm her down a little. When the door bell rang I was so surprised to see Chloe dressed in her black leather skirt with a frilly olive green cardigan and her bra exposed. I wondered what people on the streets must of thought. She looked lovely as ever.
Before we got started I took some photos as I knew later she will be looking not so glamourous once I’m finished with her.  We pretty much spent about 4 hours filming. I had so much fun with her. She is a horny little tart and I think being in the dungeon brought out her slutty side. So the clips are being edited as I speak and I will let you know when they will be published.

Maid Chloe at Fluffy Boudoir Teaser Clip

Hello there I hope you are all enjoying your holidays. I just wanted to let you know that I have put together a teaser clip of Maid Chloe. She will be returning next week to Fluffy Boudoir for more filming so stay tuned.

Gay Pride, Shopping & more Filming With Maid Chloe

Hello Loyal Fans and Followers. August is upon us in a flash and I have not had much time for anything apart from work these last few weeks. Appointments have increased and I seem to be spending most of my time between introducing newcomers to the delights of Fluffy Boudoir , The CD Salon and filming. What little time I have had spare has been busy with arranging shows for my alter ego Vee WORLDMISTRESS. aka Violetta De Rose
The weekend was spent walking amongst the party goers at The Brighton Pride Party on ST. James Street and it was delightful to see so many people having the time of their lives and abandoning the vanilla world for what was a very successful weekend on the UK Calendar.
Of course it also gave me an excuse to SHOP SHOP SHOP and that’s exactly what I did. Fluffy Boudoir can never have enough shoes, stockings, makeup up and outfits, so the new additions to the collection will make some girls very happy indeed.
I shall be posting more news on the website very soon , once I have arranged my show for the up and coming opening fetish night of Mods & F@@kers here in Brighton on the Bank Holiday Weekend which is on Saturday 24th August. So why not come down say hello and watch my show…..
I am also welcoming back to Fluffy Boudoir , Maid Chloe next week for another round of filming. So for all you Chloe fans who have enjoyed watching her be transformed into a very sexy maid stay tuned. I will keep you all updated.

Happy Monday everybody, don’t work to hard

Maid Geraldine comes in for Maid Training.
Today I had a new client come in.  Her name is ”Maid Geraldine. It’s her first day of Maid Training” . So far she has done a good job but she needs more training when it comes to washing the dishes and not wasting too much water. She did a good job in the bathroom though she did miss a few things. I have a feeling she did it on purpose. Later she was told to dust the Boudoir but I felt that she lacked enthusiasm therefore she was punished with an OTK spanking followed by the strap as she bent over the spanking bench.. Hopefully next time she will try harder.

Maid Chloe’s second Visit

Wow, we have so many Chloe fans out there. Thank you everyone who sent emails wanting more of Chloe. Yes I agree she is HOT and I have to say I am so proud of her. Incase you haven’t noticed, I have added two new clips of Maid Chloe. Check out the previews below.

It’s finally here. I have just uploaded all 4 clips of Maid Chloe. Doesn’t she look HOT. You can check out all the previews at the HOUSE OF V Fetish Studio page or you if you would like to purchase any of the clips you can do so by visiting my Clips 4 sale store

Filming with two cock sucking whores

Today is our first day of filming here in Brighton. Yes very exciting. My two cock sucking whores are due to come within the next couple of hours so its all full steam ahead here at Fluffy Boudoir.  So stay tuned for all the latest.

Maid Chloe

What a fun day we had filming with a new cock sucking whore. Her name is Maid Chloe. What a pretty little cock sucker she turned out to be. Though she does need a lot of training when it comes to washing the dishes. Stay tuned for the clips coming soon.

Sissy Missy USA Pre Pedestal Clip    

 I brought along my video camera and I filmed Sissy Missy USA before we headed out to Club  Pedestal. The film quality isn’t the best but doesn’t she look cute in her outfit.?

New Photos Of Fluffy Boudoir Brighton

OK, so I’ve had so many emails from people wanting to see the new Fluffy Boudoir so I thought I would quickly take some pics myself  So here they are.


Sissy Maids and Cross Dressers for photo shoots

Well it looks like things are not going to slow down as I thought taking a few weeks off for my move to Brighton would give me enough time to unpack and open my doors. Its been over two weeks and I am still unpacking and shifting things around plus catching up on all my emails and admin work. So thank you to all of you who have been patient with me as I have finally set up my office and all ready for action.
Now that all the nitty gritty stuff is out of the way I can start by announcing that I am now accepting new applicants who would like to take part in filming with me. Whether it’s a photo shoot, live session or filming.
I am currently seeking Sissies, Maids and Cross dressers who would like to be part of Fluffy Boudoir and TheCross Dressing Salon.
All applicants will be required to sign a model release form and photo ID will be required. Experience is not essential but you must be open minded and keen. Please fill in the INQUIRY FORM with your interest. You will then receive my Filming Application form.
Once I have received your Filming Application form I will then need to speak to you on the phone. We will discuss a suitable time that suits us both for you to call me.
If you have already emailed me in the past regarding filming then please do NOT re-apply. I have your details and if I need you I will then contact you.

Fluffy Has A New Home

Well, the search for our new Fluffy Boudoir and Cross Dressing Salon is finally over. I am so happy to say that we have found a lovely home that can accommodate all those who have visited  us before and we welcome those who are still keen to visit. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments and emails regarding our move. It means so much to me to hear and read about how much you all enjoyed your visits to us. I can’t believe how fast my diary has filled since I first announced our move. I am so looking forward to meeting all those who have already booked in advanced.
I can’t wait till we get started on our new home. We have a much bigger premises compare to our last one, with plenty of room to add new and exciting things to the wardrobe as well as plenty of room to move especially for those who love nothing more than to prance around in their frilly attire.

Maid For A Day LuLu Le Bonne- aka Shona Smith

Our maid for the day was Lulu La Bonne (aka Maid Smith) This was her second visit to Fluffy Boudoir and The House of V. Unfortunately she  turned up an hour earlier than what she was meant to but she was later punished  for this and we hope that she has learnt her lesson. Lulu was photographed during the whole day and we even managed to film her dancing on the pole, stay tuned for the video.


CD Mandy Comes to Brighton

It seems that some sluts just can’t get enough and CD Mandy has proven that. It was good to see her again this time at the new Cross Dressing Salon. This time we spent less time on her makeup as I felt that it would all go to waste once I’m finished with her.

Sneek Peek Of The New Fluffy Boudoir Brighton

Hi Everyone
I am excited to inform you all that Fluffy Boudoir is now up and running and it is so delightful to have more than twice the space than before. It is still early days  and I will be tweaking a few bits and pieces as I go along but overall I am very pleased with my new premises. Once the dust settles down I will be having a careful and selective look around for someone  to assist me on the odd afternoon.

CD Mandy

Meet CD Mandy. She came to see me for a full transformation. The place we went to for our session had really low lights but we managed ok. Mandy stayed for 4 hours & during this time we tried on a few outfits and shoes until I felt she looked slutty enough for me. I could see just how much she enjoyed my strap-on. So I had her up on the sling. This was her first time and she loved it. Mandy said that she looks forward to seeing me at my new premises in Brighton.


Sissy Missy USA

As most of you all know , Fluffy Boudoir has been packed away  until we move to our new home in Brighton. This did not stop an eager and excited fan from flying in from the USA to keep his/her pre booked appointment of spending a day with me shopping and to escort me to Club Pedestal.
Missy arrived  at Heathrow on Friday morning and by noon we met at her hotel. As tired as she may have been, she gushed with a mixture of nerves and excitement which meant that she talked continuously. We got to know one another over some tea and she showed me her facebook pics in the company of some prominent American Mistresses.
With so much to talk about her exciting life we finally got round to the planned day ahead and we set off by taxi to visit Honour Clothing (which was sadly closed for the holiday) then Regulation, where we managed to pick up a few small items for our evening.
We finally ended up going to Covent Garden to visit one of my favourite shops, Coco de Mer. I simply had to show her as I do all my visitors, just how lush the shop is and the kinky and sexy items they have.
We then headed out in the freezing cold to Soho followed by a long late lunch. This really broke the ice that two strangers have when meeting for the first time and it was lovely hearing about all her personal stories as I find them so intriguing and interesting to hear.
Once back at the hotel Missy went off to bathe and shave whilst I enjoyed some wonderful champagne and the view of the Thames. Missy  was determined to enjoy her short stay in London and the Hotel room  was well chosen for the views. Even though it was a typically grey English sky the view of the Thames was a lovely site to see.
The transformation was a dream as Missy had taken a whole suitcase of her things and her experience was evident in so many ways. We managed to take a few pics before having a light supper and then tip toeing to the taxi cab in our high heels. I did have Missy in ankle cuffs by the way so you could say it was a slow walk heading  the short distance to the venue from the car.
Missy had heard about Club Pedestal and has always dreamed of attending and her excitement & nerves turned to awe as we toured the club and watched the shows. She looked beautiful in her maids outfit and she stayed close to my side like a well behaved Sissy should be.
We met  the lovely Mistress Velour and we found a place to sit, chat and rest our feet on a couple of house slaves that were eager and ready to massage them.
As always, the night seems to fly past as we enjoyed ourselves and Missy had all her dreams come true when Derek came and took some pics. Soon it was 3am and time to go. Exhausted but exhilarated I dropped Missy back at her hotel on my way home. Watching her walk past reception with her maids outfit and heels gave me such joy as this was one girl who lived her dream and I was proud to be a part of that.
She emailed me the next morning and it seemed her silence in the club was now pouring out. Eventually we chatted on the phone and she has promised to return later in the year to repeat  her dream day. I can safely say that Missy is one very happy Sissie.

New Brighton Premises Update

I want to start with a special Hi to all my followers and a huge thank you for all the support that I have been receiving regarding my relocation to Brighton at the end of this month.
My decision NOT to accept bookings from mid-March until Early April has proved to be a wise one and I am delighted to say that the appointments Calendar is filling up nicely for April & May.
It is so comforting to know that many of my regulars are willing to travel that extra mile so they can continue to progress and enjoy their personal journey.
Hopefully I shall have plenty of new things to talk about in my next Blog  but we shall see how stressful this move shall be.
Oh one last thing if you would like to stay updated with all my latest news, updates and all the weird and wonderful things I get up to, then why not sign up to my free newsletter.

Sissies and Cross dressers for Photo shoots

I am currently on the look out for reliable, genuine & good looking slaves, submissives male & Female as well as Sissies and T-girls to be involved with filming at  The HOUSE OF V Fetish Studio. If you are interested in future available filming slots then please fill in the form below. I will need to know information about yourself and if you have had any experiences in filming with other Mistresses. If I am happy to use you then you will be required to leave a deposit. If I like you and fill that  I can trust you then a deposit may not be required.

Fluffy Boudoir February 2013 Competition Winner

2nd February 2013-Newsletter Up for The Cross Dressing Salon

With the increasing amount of clients that I am seeing I have decided not to have a newsletter for the Cross Dressing Salon. She is only new and I already have my hands full with Newsletters for my other two website. But if you would like to stay updated with all my latest News,photos updates and whatever other interesting topic I come up with, then you can join for Free The Fluffy Boudoir Sissy Club newsletter or if you like to hear topics that are BDSM related then why not subscribe to my website for DOMINATRIX V. Also I just wanted to say thank you, thank you thank you to all those who have visited since The Cross Dressing Salon opened.

January Competition Winner 2013

Hi Everyone. I have just released the Video clip announcing who the competition winners are. I have emailed all 3 winners and will let you know soon who it will be. I also have 3 new clips for sissy makeup which are ready to be released on our Youtube channel and on my Clips page very soon. I’m just waiting for the final editing.


Chrissy Makeover clips are Live

You can now  view the 3 new clips of Sissy Chrissy on my  YouTube Channel

Sissy Chrissy

Yesterday Maid Christine came over for a few hours. I told her once she finished her cleaning duties she was to report back to me as I had another job for her. The silly girl thought that I was upset with her and she thought she was going to be punished and sent next door in The Red Room. But that wasn’t the case. You see  Maid Christine has a very difficult time with applying her make-up. You could say that she is bloody awful at it. You would think that by now she would have gotten the hang of it seeing as I have applied  her make-up many many times. So instead I sat her down and grab the camcorder and I decided to film a mini makeover for Sissy’s……Afterwards when the time came for her to step back into her ”Vanilla” clothes and face the cold winter chill outside, I could see that she was a  little upset because she didn’t want to go. She didn’t want to take the makeup off, she  didn’t want to be her other normal self. I totally understand how she was feeling but at the end of the day it’s got to be done. She knows she will be back next week for another fun day.

Slut Jenny M

Today was a busy one for me as I have had a few of my old regular clients come out of know where. It’s like one minute they are here and then they disappear then out of know where they all seem to come back at the same time.. hmm strange….I was so happy to see my Slut Jenny M today.

I found out that while she was away she had met a man called John……She told me that she was very naughty with him….I couldn’t believe what  I was hearing. I was so upset and  I was feeling a little jealous that my Slut Jenny M had done all these naughty things without me. So in return I showed her how upset I was. I made her suck, choke, sit (on several butt plugs) and made her swallow her own juices.  I slapped her face, I cant remember how many time’s, and then made her suck on my rather large strap on.   I think that she has now learnt her lesson……will see..


Kind Donation By Christine

A huge thank you to Christine who appeared this week with an assortment of well kept clothes and heels and kindly donated them to the wardrobe of the CD Salon. I am always on the lookout for large sized heels and outfits and enjoy my weekly shopping trips around my area.
This week I had a visit from a new client who is an ex paratrooper of all things. He actually got into the whole cross dressing  scene from wearing women’s tights when on duty in the colder months and it progressed from there. As big and muscular as he was, he certainly looked so feminine once he was made up and dressed and we had a fabulous 3 hours together. The time just flew by but we did discuss his fantasies in detail and on his next visit he wants me to break his fisting cherry….


A Kinky Interlude

As any Mistress or Domina will tell you, a good maid is so hard to find and well worth holding onto. So many are keen to enter training but the majority soon disappear once they realize that dedication and hard work are involved. It is not hard to see in the early stages who have the true desire to succeed and those who just see it as a kinky interlude. Although I must say that when I do come across  a Natural, it is so worthwhile….

A great Way to start 2013

The new year has started with a bang and bookings are exceeding my expectations for the month of January. It seems that word of The Cross Dressing Salon is spreading and new clients and followers are growing. I am so pleased. Yesterday I had a lovely new client who came to see me for a couple of hours. The theme of the day was ”Make-up only”. I would have to say that this was my first time in having a client come to see me who just wanted his make-up applied. No dressing, just make-up. I also gave his beautiful long hair some curls with my heated rollers. I  so wanted to take some photos but of course some clients would rather not.  I really enjoyed his company, we spoke about everything that we could  possibly squeeze into a 2 hour slot. I was kind of sad that the time was up and he couldn’t believe how fast the time went. He said next time he will defiantly stay longer, and who knows maybe next time I can convince him to let me take just one photo. So if you are wanting to come in an experience a full make-up transformation, it doesn’t have to be the ”Works”. Who said you had to dress up in ladies clothing? There are no rules, you make your own. I am always happy to try new and wonderful ways. Special requests are always welcomed.

It’s Time for Some Shopping

I finally managed to get round to a days shopping  this week and I am pleased with the new wigs & outfits that will add to the growing collection at Fluffy Boudoir. I have also been busy with the website and some new welcome additions are going to be added in the new year. I have been listening to all the feedback about what You want and exciting things are coming. Watch this space…..

T-Party with Tiffany, Clare and Gemma

Today I had the most wonderful afternoon spent  in the company of Claire, Tiffany & Gemma. The Ladies all arrived in a cab at 1-30 pm and I swear it must have been 2pm before we could close the front door and escape the horn tooting and shouts from the men at the boot sale across the road.
The mood was set and the volume was higher than a match day but little Billy was tucked away upstairs, safe and sound. Tea was served and the chat was non stop. Tiffany had been to The Way Out Club on sat and met a postman from Wales who said he just happened to be passing by but she was smitten and full of hope. Claire had taken her new outfit to show off in  and Gemma was the usual quiet one, happy but always shy in my presence.
The topic of discussion was obviously clothes & make up…and of course who had the nicest boobs.
The afternoon flew past and as usual, we never have enough time to catch up on all the girly stuff. After a light lunch, we moved thru to The Fluffy Boudoir  pink roomto apply Gemma’s new make up and skin range.
The departure was as flamboyant as the arrival and the sight of Tiffany walking to the taxi seemed to stop the traffic. She has perfected the art of managing to take a 20 foot straight path and turn it into a red carpet appearance.
To see the neighbours standing open mouthed was well worth it. Go girl go

London UK-The Cross Dressing Salon

Sat was a busy day at the Cross Dressing Salon with not 1 but 2 clients coming in for their first experience with Moi. Firstly we had John (Joanna) who was so new and nervous that he was physically shaking when I entered the fitting room. Thankfully it did not take long to make him feel at ease and after a chat and some tea, we started on his first ever time at applying make up and he soon relaxed and started to enjoy himself. He had only ever dreamed of this and now that he saw himself in the mirror with foundation, eyeliner and lashes, he really started to get into the flow and was eagerly putting forward suggestions of his own about wig colour and style of outfits.
As this was his first visit, he wished he had booked longer but we still managed to find the time to complete his look and even took a few pics on his own mobile phone.(hopefully he will pass them on to me) He promises to return for a longer visit  very soon as he fell in love with my collection of dresses and shoes.
No sooner had Maid Christine had finished cleaning the room that the doorbell went and Cindi was shown in. I had met Cindi when on a visit to a Fetish Event where he  introduced himself as Charles and that  he was interested in visiting me. He told me that he had been experimenting  in private at home for just under a year and had finally found the courage to approach me after seeing my website. He asked if he could  bring  along his own collection which was fine with me. After a pot of  tea and a chat we headed into the fitting room and Cindi showed me her make up and 2 outfits. We discussed in detail  everything from her  skin type right down to the style she so badly wanted to achieve but had failed to do on her own.
It did not take long to show Cindi where she was going wrong and she was a quick learner, having spent hours and hours  trying to perfect things at home. In no time we had the makeup on and the hair in place and what a difference.
After trying on a few outfits Cindi soon started to radiate with confidence  we worked on walking with heels of various height, which as you may know is all about practice. This was followed with some lessons in deportment and I must say that Cindi was an absolute delight to work with.
It was a long  day for me but the reward of having 2 wonderful clients who left feeling totally satisfied with their visit is a joy unto itself and makes all the effort so worthwhile.

Roxy and Michelle at London Fetish Fair

Yesterday I made a rare trip to the London Fetish Fair and met up with a few old faces who have visited me here at Fluffy Boudoir and we had an amazing afternoon of fun, laughter and of course shopping.
Roxy and Michele had not met before but once the introductions were over, they got on like a house on fire and we all had a great time drinking red wine over lunch and then visiting each stall to see what could add to all our wardrobes. Needless to say, this was not your average day at the shops but I did manage to persuade the girls to each purchase a blindfold, some lube and a small rubber flogger each to enhance their collection of toys and accessories.
The afternoon flew past and we all drew admiring glances from others who were no doubt envious of our mood. After some more wine we sat and watched the performances and enjoyed them all. They were all good and worth the wait. Of course by this time Roxy and Michele were slightly tipsy and holding onto each others arms continuously and this in turn gave them a new found confidence  that had them winking at their admirers and verging on being outright bold but thankfully I kept them both in check and ensured that they both swapped numbers  before we left to go our separate ways.
It was wonderful to catch up and spend an afternoon with old friends and in their case , new found ones and we all promised to repeat  the experience real soon.
I have to add that both of them looked Fabulous and it was a delight to see that they had put their make up lessons to good use and it clearly showed in their appearance. I feel so proud of them both and that they had both started out with coming along to my basic make up course earlier this year.

Christine’s Story

I  just received an email from CD Christine about her recent visit . Here  is her story.
I paid another visit to my mistress, the delightful Domina V yesterday.  She looked seriously sexy with her red hair pinned up and clad in shiny black leather.  Her nails were as red as a parrot’s head – talented talons to make a fetishist’s mind soar like a skylark.
She soon feminized my face with her beautiful make-up skills, giving me a slutty pouty red mouth and black smoky eyeliner.  When she applied lustrous false lashes and a blonde wig I felt a wave of girliness wash though me.  She then made me wear a pink blouse and black miniskirt with pink stockings complete with pretty bows.  She squeezed my feet into high heeled dotty shoes, hung a bag over my shoulder then led me into the dungeon.  I looked in a full-length mirror and felt like a naughty schoolgirl.
  I posed next to her pole dancing pole for a few photos then she made me bend over her warm leather clad thighs while she lifted up my skirt and inspected my knickers.  After a few admonishing smacks she then strapped on a long, rigid dildo.  I was forced to get on my knees and suck it with my slutty red lips.  I looked up to see her gorgeous face smiling at the power she contained.  Next, she made lie on her bench and pressed her strap-on on to my bare bottom.  I could feel it trying to penetrate me and this got my juices flowing excitedly. 
 I have to admit that a small amount of semen was secreted, and she made me clean it up afterwards.Domina finished things off with a severe cheek spanking with those vivid red-nailed hands – I felt powerless and completely humiliated. Domina then brought our session to a close & then I showered & dressed into my vanilla clothes & re-entered the outside world again.  I thought about her all the way home.  I didn’t get much sleep as she was always in my dreams keeping me in a state of excitement throughout the night. What a day!

London UK-New Cross Dressing Salon website is Live

I am happy to announce the birth of my brand new website Cross Dressing Salon
I am so happy to finally  have our brand new site up and running. The rapid success of Fluffy Boudoir has been so popular that I have listened to my clients needs and concentrated on providing a service which will continue to be a safe haven for all persuasion.  Fluffy Boudoir will now be concentrating on Sissy’s and Sissy Maids.
The service is fully explained on at the  Fluffy Website. The Cross Dressing Salon offers a range of services to those who enjoy dressing up in a more elegant and stylish manor. If you haven’t already done so have a read through my Services page to see what I can offer you.

Maid Shona

It’s been a busy day at  The House of V so far, with maid shona busy learning the daily routine and familiarising herself with everything and anything. It is a lot to take in, especially on her first day but she is starting to relax and settle in.
Shona was mailed a list of her tasks and duties last night and there is a copy on the fridge door just for a reminder but we are pleased with her performance so far. Early signs of efficiency are apparent and being so well mannered is such a bonus to start things off with.
Her work has been inspected and her treat is well earned. For the next hour shona is given a personal makeover and some valuable tips to take away and treasure. The results are  amazing and shona seems relaxed for the first time today, her confidence is quiet but definitely present. Time for some pics and some hot refreshment.

Late afternoon is a flurry of activity as shona vacuumed and dusted, dusted and vacuumed , and all  done with a spring in her step. The afternoon has flown in and after a last inspection of her duties , it is time for shona to leave us.

London-Christine Returns

Today we had a lovely visit from CD Christine. She has been away on business and is now back in the UK.  Christine tells me that she hasn’t had the opportunity to dress while she was away and couldn’t wait to get back to London & book a visit to see me at the Cross Dressing Salon , especially as she saw numerous Tgirls and Crossdressers whilst in Italy.
They seemed to have the courage that Christine lacks and it only made her cravings worse.  Her visit started with the usual chit chat over tea and then straight into the dressing room for make up  and fitting. This visit was different in that she had a clear vision of what she wanted to wear and what she wanted to portray and as you can see from the new pics , she looked wonderful.  Her mood was light as always but there was something extra in the air. She radiated with the new look and was so pleased with the results that it gave her confidence a huge boost and it showed. Perhaps she should travel more often?

New Cross Dressing Website goes Live

Hi there. As you have probably guessed this is our very first blog post. I am so happy to finally  have our brand new site up and running. The rapid success of my other website Fluffy Boudoir.com has been so popular that I have listened to my clients needs and concentrated on providing a service which will continue to be a safe haven for all persuasion.
Fluffy Boudoir will now be concentrating on Sissy’s and Sissy Maids. The service is fully explained on at the  Fluffy Website.
The Cross Dressing Salon offers a range of services to those who enjoy dressing up in a more elegant and stylish manor.  If you haven’t already done so have a read through my Services page to see what I can offer you

Great News Coming Soon

I have not been blogging recently as things have been slightly hectic at this end with loads of new clients joining me @ Fluffy Boudoir.
The new additions added to the website have proved to be very popular and there is lots more to come.  SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT coming soon:
Fluffy Boudoir is growing and has become so popular that I am going to expand the website  more than you could imagine…Watch this space

I have not been blogging recently as things have been slightly hectic at this end with loads of new clients joining me @ Fluffy Boudoir.
The new additions added to the website have proved to be very popular and there is lots more to come.  SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT coming soon:
Fluffy Boudoir is growing and has become so popular that I am going to expand the website  more than you could imagine…Watch this space girls

Michaela Models The Fluffy Wardrobe

New Happenings

New happenings and busy times at Fluffy Boudoir recently.
We have been adding to our collection of wigs, make up and outfits and the dressing room has never looked so busy…. We were due to have a photo shoot with our wonderful maids Lulu la Bonne and  Maid Christine last week but Lulu had to cancel due to not feeling 100% and we wish her a speedy recovery.
Watch this space for a rescheduled date.

Fluffy Boudoir Competitions Closed

I have decided not to hold anymore competitions till next year as at the moment I have to much going on & need to focus on the more important things. Thank you to all those who have subscribed to Fluffy Boudoir  you will still be hearing from me via the newsletter and I hope to see you all real soon.

Michaela Visits Fluffy Boudoir

I would like to welcome to Fluffy Boudoir Michaela. This was her first ever full transformation and I have to say !Wow!… her striking blue eyes really came out in this photo don’t you think?

At first Michaela mentioned that  she would like to be a slutty blonde but I am glad that I said no, as I knew that her features and those deep blue eyes would get lost in all that platinum gold.

Involuntary Fetish By Maid Christine

I would like to share this little story that my TV maid Christine has written for me. I always enjoy reading them, she has such an interesting and wicked way of telling a story. She is so talented…….enjoy
I was going through a boring spell in my life.  At a loose end and spending endless hours in libraries reading papers full of silly celebrities and their utterly inane utterances.  I needed to shop around for a change. 
The next day as I passed a charity shop I called in and offered to be a volunteer.  The manager rang me the next day and so I began working with a certain amount of trepidation. 
Initially I steamed clothes with a big old-fashioned machine pumping out gouts of vapour which helped to iron out any creases and make them smell fresher.  I also helped to put price tags on sorted clothes before they were hung in the shop.  The sheer variety of garments amazed me: women’s clothes of all shapes, sizes and fabrics; shoes of varying degrees of heel and youthfulness, men’s suits – natty and, alas, tatty. 
The sorting room was bright and (in summer) airy so not as odiferous as you might imagine.  I was also put to work sorting and pricing books which again surprised me by their wide variety: Penguin paperbacks nestled among yellowing hardbacks.  Mills & Boon mixed with Sophie Kinsella and Jilly Cooper.  Often I’d come across a batch of erotic literature usually donated by a slightly self-conscious woman.
After a few weeks I was allowed to work on the till.  People of all races, ages and sizes came in and displayed all kinds of behaviour.  As is the case with most charity shops women’s clothes were the main source of income so of course the largest percentage customers were women.  This allowed me to watch them shop: see the glee in their eyes when they spotted a nice polka-dotted dress or a sexy pair of heels for instance.  They way they expertly rifled through the rails was absorbing and the way that they never seemed to tire of finding that perfect garment fascinated me.  
  Now and then we got a few shifty shoplifters and men not especially sober on Special Brew or as high as a kite on Kestrel but in the main the regular customers were an interesting bunch, always on the lookout for a bargain or just the chance to talk and receive free therapeutic attention from someone who didn’t mind listening to them.  There was a theatrical element to it: so many things on display and so many people displaying their personalities, tastes, class etc. 
  Occasionally we would get a transvestite or two in search of a largish shoe, a shimmery dress, a pair of old-fashioned stockings or perhaps a cheap wig.  From my vantage point I admired their confidence and, if they were particularly shapely, their sheer-stocking legs.  I don’t know what the fully veiled Muslim women thought of them but I thought that they were quite exciting; they stirred something previously hidden inside me. 
  So, the weeks went by.  I was becoming accepted by the women who worked there. They sensed that I didn’t mind putting out women’s bags and shoes.  The manager began to let me adorn the window display mannequins in lovely colourful dresses, accessorized by some of the nicer scarves and necklaces we received.  At first I was slightly embarrassed at squeezing a stretchy Lycra top over a busty plastic mannequin, especially if a woman caught sight of me in the street but I quickly got used to it and have to admit I began to like making the window look as stylishly feminine as I could.  
  I asked if I could sort clothes instead of books just so I could feel the fabric of the many dresses, skirts and flimsy blouses. 
  Within a short time I had become part of the team and it didn’t feel odd to be often the only man working among women.  Every day I was becoming more involved with feminine accoutrements.  From behind the till I sold pretty earrings, necklaces and rings to pretty young Polish girls or sultry-eyed Spanish women, or occasionally, amazingly attractive Australian women.  Over time I began to see the appeal of shopping for beautiful outfits in gorgeous colours and sensual variations in fabric.
  One day, slightly bored on a dull, drizzly afternoon where a mournful moon hung low in the sky, I picked up a black clingy dress and went into the toilet to try it on.  I smoothed it around my slim body and admired the way it clung to my not very curvy (alas) body.  From then on I was hooked!   I began trying on all sorts of outfits and, when I could find the right size, shoes with slender sexy heels.
  Over the next few weeks I acquired lots of dresses and skirts from various other local charity shops and had a burgeoning shoe collection not quite rivalling Imelda Marcos’s.  I also possessed a nice assortment of accessories: handbags, gloves, stockings, rings, necklaces – not to mention lovely silky, satiny knickers.  I even acquired a sequiny bikini!  I started reading Vogue and other glossy magazines to observe the gorgeous bodily adornments in their sweet-smelling pages. 
  Before I had begun being a volunteer I had been a bit of a birdwatcher.  As a hobby it was quite anal, anoraky and solitary and I had never seen a hobby let alone a woodcock.  My new hobby was much more exciting: I could see a ‘bird’ in the mirror every night and I didn’t have to get my hair (or wig) wet. 
  As I was wearing stockings or tights most nights I soon realised that I needed to be smooth and glossy.  I stated shaving my long legs and, for good measure, my chest and armpits as well – well, what the hell, hair is one of Mr God’s uglier creations in the human species, is it not?
  Experiments with makeup and lipstick soon had me looking quite palely glamorous and girly.  My roundish face and slim boyish body was aptly naturally feminine I figured.  My, my! I was becoming quite the little madam I had never been as a child. 
  One day I was ensconced behind the till as usual when a tall, dark-haired woman of around forty came in.  Immaculately dressed in a robin’s breast-red dress, a beautiful black coat and spotless glossy heels I tracked her as walked gracefully around the shop floor.  Her dark eye makeup expertly highlighted her chocolate eyes:  twin optical spheres of molten Malteser loveliness to melt a man’s (or even woman’s) heart… She knew I was observing her so she deliberately picked up a very tight pencil skirt and asked if she could try it on.  I said ‘yes’ as nonchalantly as I could and began serving an old man with a head shaped like a potato.  Soon – but not soon enough for me – she emerged out of the changing room and walked over to me in her cigarette-thin heels.  She said she would like to buy the skirt and smiling a slightly cruel smile said:  ‘This isn’t for me you know, it’s for you.’  Nonplussed, I tried to muster a reply but all I could say was ‘Oh?’ 
  ‘I knew that you were a kinky little TV as soon as I walked in this place.  Tonight I’m going to dress you up and turn you into the pretty woman you always wanted to be.’  Again I couldn’t think of what to say.  She rapidly wrote her address down on the back of the receipt and said, ‘See you later my dear, OK?’ and with a sharp turn of her heel was out of the shop before you could say ten denier super-sheer stockings! 
  For the rest of the afternoon my mind was agog, racing with excitement like a cyclist on cocaine.  Her address wasn’t far away from the shop – how could I not turn up and submit myself to her superior feminine power?  
  5.30 arrived and the manager shut the shop. I said goodbye to her and hurriedly stepped towards my destination.  After 15 minutes I found myself knocking on a scarlet door with a brassy knocker.  Pause… Deep breath… 
  She let me in and led me up some stairs to a large room full of clothes, shoes, wigs, makeup and perfume.  Phew, she really was serious!  I was about to be turned in a pretty, head-turning girl – there was no turning back now.   I felt a tiny bit trembly but nowhere near a trembly as I soon would be in sky-high wobbly heels.  She ordered me to undress and in not much longer than the time it takes to unfastened a bra, had me kitted out in a cache-sex to hide my, er, appendage, realistically nippled false breasts and ultra-sheer black stockings complete with suspenders and scandalously scanty panties.  Then she whipped out the pencil skirt and I had no choice but to step into it.  She slid its neat zip up with a satisfying sound.  A pair of staggeringly high heels were put before me and (of course) my red-painted stocking-clad toes were squeezed into them.   I buttoned up a diaphanous white blouse which allowed my black bra to show through in a slutty manner.  A long blonde wig was soon cascading down my shoulders, a fountain of follicular fabulousness and tinkly dangly earrings were affixed to my ears.  She then sat me down in front of a mirror and assisted me with false eyelashes, glossy lipstick and blusher to make me shimmer like an embarrassed schoolgirl.  In a very short time the visage in the mirror was that of a pretty, unusually striking, young(ish) woman.  Wow!  What a transformation!  What was in store for me next I wondered? 
  She told me sternly to stand up and turn around so she could assess my feminized form.  
‘Mmm, not bad’, she said. ‘But don’ think that you are going to stand around prancing about like a nancy boy all night, oh no.  I’m going to whip you into shape and turn you into a complete little sissy.’  She led me into another room replete with all manner of kinky implements which she was intent on using on me.  Brandishing a long black whip in her vermilion-nailed hand she bid me to bend over and tried out an exploratory lash on my pert behind.  ‘I’m going to whip you more times than a prize filly at Ascot then I’m going to take you to my king-sized bed and fuck you senseless with my extra-strong, extra-long strap on!’ 
I quivered; my bottom lip wobbled and I struggled to stand still in my tower-block stilettos.  She tethered me to a black bench in a corner and pulled down my knickers after unzipping my skirt.  I could feel my breasts pressing against my chest, a pleasant sensation then Thwack!  the pain on my bottom stung like a swarm of hot angry wasps drunk on fermented apples.  I barely had time to recover before another stunning blow crimsoned my cheeks and bathed them with a painful glow.  
  ‘Good lord,’ I thought. ‘Is this what Jesus had to endure before he was lashed to a cross for making people cross with his conjuring tricks?’  Another dozen lashes beat down on my numb bum before I nearly cried and cried out, ‘Please stop mistress, I can’t handle it anymore!’  
‘Handle it? Good God nancy boy! I haven’t even started yet,’ she said in her stern voice.  ‘I’m going to get a paddle and play table tennis on you next.’ 
  Mercifully she only played a short game up to eleven thank the lord, and of course she beat me hands – not to say – knickers down.  She unstrapped me than ordered me to get my clothes off.  I removed my bulging false boobs and she affixed nipple clamps to me which gripped like vices in a workshop (which in a way they were).  A short period of foreplay (for her, not me) playing slap and tickle with my testicles and so to bed as Samuel Pepys often said in his diary. 
  No sooner had my head hit the pillow than I was anally penetrated by her king(queen?)-sized dildo.  Oh god! I almost prayed for her plastic penis to soften and wilt but as she pushed deeper inside me up to the hilt I knew it wouldn’t.  If only it was called a ‘dildough’ and would snap like a French baguette instead of giving me a roasting hotter than a bakery’s oven. 
  At last she seemed to tire of her penile punishment and thankfully withdrew.  I had to thank her for her endeavours and lay back catching my breath for a while.  She tossed the rampant device away and lay beside me quite exhausted even thought she tried very hard not to show it.  
  Her lovely dark hair spread out across her pillow and her chocolatey eyes contained her dark hidden desires.  I gazed at her for some time before my eyes fluttered shut.  I didn’t need to dream any fetishistic fantasies that night but, of course, being an imaginative type I did.  Suffice it to say they weren’t of a traditional romantic boy meets girl kind…

Back from Holidays

Hi everyone
It’s been a while since an update but Holiday time came round and the sun beckoned me off to sunny Spain…. I am just getting back on track and catching up with things…
Firstly a  huge thank you and a warm welcome to all our new subscribers and I do hope you enjoy the changes to the site.
I am busy with preparations for some more filming and we have  the July winner Dominique coming over on the 10th for a complete make-over. So be sure and watch out for updates as and when they happen.
We also welcome back  maid Christine who will be popping in  tomorrow  for some make up, domestic service and fun girlie time, as well as a newbie from France stopping by before he heads off to the Olympics.

Fluffy Boudoir Winner

Hi Everybody. A winner has been drawn for our Make-over competition. So for those of you who have subscribed to our newsletter you should have received your password, with a link  to view the video where I announce the winner live. So come on what are you waiting for?

Pure Play Productions Presents TRANSGRESSION 2 Sat 7th July 2012

I will be House Mistress alongside Hell In High heels Rebekka Raynor . This Pure Play event is in collaboration between Danny (Infernal Mechanix / Hades / Dark) & Mike (Sweet Torments). Incorporating the best of Infernal Mechanix and Sweet Torments dungeon equipment in one great event.

 So what will you expect on the night??? 
With a comprehensive array of play equipment and suspension points plus
 areas dedicated to electrical and medical play.
With viewing and plentiful seating.
With several suspension points and soft floor matting for floor play.
There will be a comfortable lounge area with a panoramic Thames view and relaxed atmosphere.
There will also be a changing area, cloakroom, heated smoking area & ample parking.
We have arranged for the Downstairs Vox Bar to open from 7pm-10pm
for those wishing to meet up for pre-event drinks.
There will also be Dungeon Monitors in all areas.
 you will be graced with the presence of Myself and Rebekka Raynor.
For information please view the website
You may also purchase tickets from myself.
 Please view my Calendar to find me.

The Day DOMINA V Transformed me into a Sexy Maid by Maid Christine

I had made an acquaintance with the divine Domina V a few years ago and had helped her with various projects for her superb websites.  Then, one still chilly pre-summer night I had a dream about her, her face flittering about my mind like a vision…  As I had always dreamed about being a maid I took it as a premonition, a portent, a sign…
I found myself on the Piccadilly line heading towards her headquarters. I bought her a bottle of deep red wine and quickly walked to her door.  Safely sequestered in her boudoir, we chatted about what we had been up to since we last met.  Needless to say, her life was much more glamorously exciting than mine.
She made me feel at ease and I knew she would soon have me transformed into a simpering, scantily-clad maid. I hastily changed into a nice frilly maid’s outfit complete with a neat white apron and, naturally, wore a flirty pair of seamed stockings, naughty black knickers and abundantly well-rounded false breasts.  Teamed with a pair of teetering heels, I already began to feel feminine,  girly and pretty sissy-like.
My ‘prettiness’ was far outdone by Domina V’s real womanly beauty of course.  As always she was immaculately made-up, dominantly dressed in her corset and stilettos. With her long, lustrous dark hair and heavenly horse chestnut brown eyes she was a goddess to set any submissive man’s heart cantering if not galloping like a (dungeon)whipped filly…
 She ordered me to sit down at her dressing table and set to work turning me into a pretty, frilly, fluffy blonde.  There was no turning back now; I was captive in her red-nailed hands and could hardly teeter out into the street without being arrested or completely humiliated.
She applied foundation, fluttery falsh eyelashes and lashings of thick black mascara.  As she is from Australia you could say that she was a wizardess of Oz who performs transformational tricks with her eyeliner wand.
So, she continued her expertly applied handiwork and soon my eyelids felt heavy and flirtatious.  Every time I blinked I felt like a 50s Hollywood starlet.  She outlined then filled in my lips to give me a pretty pink pout and I felt so sexy I could have kissed her shiny black shoes!  When she dusted the apples of my cheeks with blusher I couldn’t stop myself feeling flirtily fruity.  My imagination ran away with me.  I thought of being tortured in an orchard with the cheeks of my knicker-clad bottom left as shiny as a cox’s orange pippin by her whip-wielding hand…
My transformation was topped off with a platinum-blonde wig and my heart heaved with excitement.  I felt fluttery, utterly submissive and couldn’t help blushing due to her carefully applied blusher.
Only now did Domina V allow me to look in the dressing room table’s mirror.  I did so and was astounded not to say astonished!  A blonde bombshell was blinking back at me.  I tossed my blonde locks slightly and could hardly believe that this pretty, pale-faced girl was me.
I pouted my expertly painted lips and a simpering girl smiled back at me.   I felt like a cross(dresser) between a drag-queen and a prostitute.  I could almost imagine those lips, my lips,  being forced to kiss a man, or – oh my god – suck a cock!  It was a heady experience to say the least…
Domina V smiled a sly smile at her her handiwork and said in her hypnotically lovely voice: ‘So, what’s it like to be a girl?’  I was lost for words and merely smiled a shy smile in reply.
As a finishing touch, she painted my nails a very fetching glossy pink and then said, ‘Well, now I’ve made you into a maid you will be ordered to do my chores.’   I had to obey of course and was soon set to work hoovering, dusting and cleaning her bathroom. Tottering in my high heels I did my best but it wasn’t up to standard.  She ordered me to do a proper job or she would put me across her knee and give me a good spanking.
During my dusting of her dungeon I nervously noticed the vast array of torturous equipment on display.  If I didn’t polish her mirrors to a high, smear-free finish she would start to punish me.  She would have me strapped to her bench and perform all manner of emasculating tortures on me.  Having the whip-hand she was always in control, it went without saying.
I managed to do my duties to her high standards and so (this time) escaped her dominatrix tricks to reduce me to a powerless, humiliated girl.  When I had finished she let me relax for a while and I made her a nice cup of herbal tea.  She gave me some advice and said that if I applied myself as well as she applied mascara I might just be able to become a good, submissive, obedient maid.
We talked some more but unfortunately my time was up as she had a busy schedule and so I to return to being a boring man again.  I thanked her more times than Kylie Minogue has had hit records and reluctantly took off my outfit.  Even more reluctantly I let her remove my make-up and once again indicated my immense satisfaction with her transformation.  What a fantastic, not to say fantasy-filled day.  What an experience! What a beautiful, superbly skilled woman!  I can’t wait to see her again and be completely controlled by her more than capable hands.
When she emailed me some photos she had taken the next day I was thrilled and astonished again.  Could that glamorous blonde really be me?  Yes, it could and it was.  If you too are a submissive man who longs to be transformed into the girl of your dreams by a dominatrix who can work wonders then I urge you to make it your mission to have a session with Domina V.
Join our mailing list and you could be one of the lucky ones to win a free makeover and Photo shoot. So come on , what are you waiting for. JOIN HERE ITS FREE

Phantom House Maid Trixie

I would like to welcome to Fluffy Boudoir and to The House of V our new house Maid Trixie. She is a beautiful tall blonde with legs to die for. Not only can she cook and clean she also knows how to please my clients (wink). She is a very organized Maid with computer skills in web design as well as maintenance. Maid Trixie loves to please her Domina as well as her master. She loves cats, and isn’t afraid to clean the litter tray
She is always well behaved which makes it hard to find an excuse to punish her. She enjoys dressing up as a classy maid, and always adds that little extra touch of shimmer to her cheeks. You could say she is a real professional. Her make-up application is perfect and she doesn’t take long to get ready.
She doesn’t need to be told what to do. She doesn’t stand around looking bored. She likes to keep busy while humming to her favourite song.
She comes in to serve a few times a week when she is needed and when her diary allows her to. She is always on time and always leaves when she’s meant to.
Thanks for reading but she isn’t real, she is my ideal maid which I’ve yet to find. Of course she doesn’t have to have the killer legs but its a bonus.
If you think you could be Maid Trixie then why not contact me at info@fluffyboudoir.com for more information.
Thank you
Domina V

New Make up Lights

We are so excited here at Fluffy Boudoir. Our make-up lights are going up as we speak, So stay tuned for pictures to follow.

The New Fluffy Boudoir London

Just to let you all know that The Fluffy Boudoir room is almost finished. I’m just adding the last minute special touch. I still need to go out and do some more shopping to fill it up and make it all pretty. Thank you to all the lovely emails I have been receiving and thank you for your support.

On the Look Out For That Special Maid

Wowza….What have I got myself into. So, why is it so hard to find a reliable Maid. What’s with you people? Come on give us Dominatrices a break. I mean honestly we don’t ask for too much now do we? After all you are the one offering your services to us. Well then why not follow through and walk the walk and talk the talk girlfriend …..
Now, seriously. I am still on the search to find the ultimate maid. Am I being a little fussy I hear you ask?  You bet ya I am. So if you are keen to serve and want to prove it then please EMAIL me at Fluffy Boudoir for more information.

Maid Christine

I am happy to announce  that I will have a lovely TV maid by my-side . She is on trial at the moment and will be assisting me with Fluffy Boudoir. I will keep you all updated.

TGirls Go Shopping

It was my treat on Saturday afternoon as my two favourite T-girls came over for some fresh mint tea and cream cakes. We then headed out for a shopping trip which lead us to a very plush restaurant and was invited by the owner to join him for lunch. The bottle of champagne arrived followed by an amazing seafood platter. The mood was joyous and so much fun, we had so many stares from onlookers and also from the occasional admirer.
I have to say that my two lovely ladies enjoyed themselves so much with Mindy determined to try on every dress in every shop and Chantelle basking in the glory of total exhibitionism, oblivious to the occasional shocked vanilla shopper. It was sad when I had to leave them for a prior appointment with my overseas client due to arrive. The afternoon left me with a renewed desire to organise regular shopping trips and T-girls afternoons.

Fluffy Update

Ok ladies, here is an update on what’s going on with my new Fluffy Boudoir website. Basically I have been awfully busy with my sessions ( yes I know that’s no excuse) but you’ll be happy to hear that the website is almost finished. Just adding the final touches. If you are a Crossdresser, T-girl, TV or TS and would like to join and be part of Fluffy Boudoir please drop me an email at info@fluffyboudoir.com

Club Pedestal Aug 2011

Shinny Shinny right down beside me
Maid Christine loves to shine me up ….yes I bet .

New Fluffy Boudoir Website Coming Soon

I am so excited . I have a new Fluffy Boudoir website coming out soon. Just need to be patient with my T-girl who is working hard on it. So stay tuned

TGirl Party

Ok ladies, I am now taking on applicants for our fluffy Boudoir outing to a party night. If you would like to join me for an outing with myself and other Tgirls  to a club where you get to look your best in your high heels and lip gloss then drop me an email to fluffyboudoir@dominatrixv.com 

Tgirls first outing to Bath UK

Last Thursday I spent the day with a couple of new T-girls. In the morning we all got ready, it took us for ever as you can imagine. We did some shopping, sipped so much tea and ate some yummy cupcakes. Later we decided to rest our poor aching feet with a foot massage and pedicure.
Back at our lovely little secret lodge, we chilled out, drunk champagne and nibbled on tasty hourderves. Later during the evening we slipped into our casual wear and heels (of course) and headed off to the lovely piano bar where we joined up with two new Fluffy Boudoir members Trixie and Tiffany.
I must say what a stunning group we were.
The night was getting closer and our tummies were rumbling and a couple of the ladies started to feel a little tipsy (you know who you are lol) so it was off to the restaurant for a delicious 3 course meal plus some live entertainment.
The rest of the night ended with more champagne back at our rooms followed by some play time.
What a wonderful 2 nights we all had. I am looking forward to our next outing.

New House maid Coming Soon

We at Fluffy Boudoir, A safe place for sissies & Cross Dressers is happy to announce the arrival of of Shona Smith our new maid on trial. Lets see if she can pass the test.


Pussy Control Fetish Night May 27th 2011

I’m so excited for this event. For those of you who will be attending will have a ball. I think this time we can choose to wear what you like. Make it as glamorous as you like, and Natalie Goth I want to see more of that black eye liner. If you don’t already know I will also be performing as WORLDMISTRESS and will need some help with stage stuff like picking up my costumes and props. I will also have a microphone this time, so make sure you all look your best as I might surprise you and get you all to come up, so be prepared for anything this time. I look forward to seeing you all at our PC meeting on the 20th, I haven’t yet decided where to meet but will let you know soon.

Welcome To Fluffy Boudoir Website

I have to confess that I am a very private person and from the time that blogs first came out I swore that I would never start one.  Then MySpace came out followed by Facebook and god knows how many other sites  I joined and then deleted as I felt like there was no privacy at all.
Well unfortunately Internet is here to stay and thank fully we can now communicate with loved ones, friends and family. Though I have found that since mobile phones and emails became popular people have become much more lazier. With easy access too pushing that send button, I have found that we are all just too busy to stay connected with the people that matters the most.
Throughout the years I have used Internet to a great advantage, and I have to ask, where would  I be without it? Though I really do miss the old days of landlines and hand written letters.
So here I am with my brand new website which I am happy to say that I created myself.
I hope to bring together like minded people with the same thoughts and ideas.
Ok, so about me, well basically I am a fully qualified hairdresser and make-up artist. Oh, and lets not forget the Mistress as well.
Since working as a professional  dominatrix in Sydney Australia I have many requests from clients wanting to be made-up and even be escorted to girlie events for cross dressers, TV/TS etc.
I have to admit I have put this aside since I arrived in the UK in Feb 2008 due to other projects I had going. But I am happy to announce that it is time to come out of the closet and welcome all of you who would like to be involved.
My passion for hair and make-up as you can see with my own photos shows that no matter where you go you should always try to look your best. I have been this way ever since I can remember.
When I was a little girl I would sneak into my mother’s room and dig deep into her AVON products, and what joy did I have back then. I still remember the very first time that I shaved my legs and use to wear leg warmers (during the Aussie summer) to cover them up so my parents wouldn’t find out, and boy how could they not. My first ever experience with wearing red lipstick was when I saw a picture from The Rocky Horror show……I still love that movie and can watch it over and over again.
I have always loved make-up; I have always loved being a girl.

My experience also comes from modelling and stage performances and knowing which angle works and which doesn’t. I can teach you how to walk, move dress, sit…..the list goes on and on.  I am grateful to the Personnel Development School John Robert Powers for bringing the woman I am today.

Welcome To Our First Blog Post

Hello, I  am so happy that you are here. I have dedicating this page to all Cross dressers, TV/TS, maids and sissy sluts. I will be adding all the latest sessions, gossip, information and anything else that I may think of at the time. I welcome your thoughts and comments and any constructive feedback that you may have. I would love to hear about your ideas, suggestions, girlie nights you go to or would love to attend but to scare to go. I hope that we can all come together and feel safe inside this little world that I want to create.

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