My last London Trip for 2015

So, I  managed to make it to SEXPO UK last Saturday. That morning I had changed my mind and decided not to go after hearing about what happened in Paris and I just didn’t feel like being around people but my good friend Katy finally convinced me to go and she even came along.
I’m glad I did go and I know that feeling sad about what’s going on in the world shouldn’t have to change the way I live life, but it’s not easy, it’s just the way I feel.
The lovely Dr Katy Pilcher  has added me in her first book titled QUEER SEX WORK. She is now on her second book, and yes…I’m in it again. 
Thank you katy for your hospitality and I look forward to the second Edition.
Having fun at SEXPO UK

Getting interviewed at Candy Bar Soho

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