Mr Slave Shakey

A few years ago in London I had a new visitor come to see me at my dungeon..On his second visit I had given him the name of Mr Slave Shakey. Yes the name says it all. He was pretty much new to it all and I believe I was his very first..Throughout the years he would visit me on a regular basis, you could say we have been through a lot. When I first met him he wasn’t a very happy man, he didn’t like his job, his marriage was on the rocks and he was always a nervous wreck as soon as he walked through the door.

Mr SS birthday

Each time he came to see me I would surprise him with a new activity….I’m so full of surprises, I enjoy playing with novices, I like to test them and see just how far I can push them. Slave training went on longer than expected as he was always so forgetful and  he couldn’t remember what I had taught him last time, so we would spend more time going over all the correct protocols.

As time went by I would see a slight improvement but then he would fall back to his old ways. As I got to know him better he had opened up to me, which is not a rare thing in this industry. As I as tied the leather hood over his face I could see the excitement in his eyes. You know, I’ve never worn a hood myself, it’s not something that’s ever appealed to me. But there is something about seeing a dramatic change in the person that’s wearing it. It’s like their old self has completely vanished.

Mr Slave Shakey tends to talk when he is really nervous, and he was always nervous. So you can imagine. He always spoke when he wasn’t suppose to and naturally I would punish him. He eventuality got it right, but there were times when I had to pull him up on it.

Each time he came to see me he would open up to me, tell me how he was in general. He would always talk about his job and how he hated it. I’ve always tried to encourage him and help him to be a better person. He is a good man, a very gentle soul. I don’t mind when my visitors open themselves up to me. I’m a pretty good listener and sometimes I don’t mind giving advice if I’m asked. I remember at one point I told him that he really needs to think about his happiness. I knew he wasn’t happy, he really lacked confidence but I knew that it was in there somewhere.

One time I told him about a book that I always read that helps me get by when I have times of self doubt (yes I am human). This book really helped me to understand the powers that we have inside of us. A hidden treasure waiting to be found.

The next time I saw him he was like a brand new man. His step had a slight hop to it you could say. I could see that something had shifted in his world and it did. He had managed to get himself a promotion which meant more money (woohoo) hahahha…..Well this is good. His job meant that he got to travel more and  do more exciting things. He also told me that he was seeing a couples therapist. I was really happy for him and so glad that things were looking up for him…I then told him to go over the bench where he received 6 of the best from my cane.

As time went by his job kept him from seeing me as often…yes very upsetting for me, but he did stay in touch and he always sounded happy.There was a period where I thought that maybe he was just content with his situation and had decided that he no longer needed to see me, but yes I was wrong…(yes I was wrong this time)…It was his new job keeping him busy, flying him around the world….Lucky bastard….Since then I had relocated to Brighton and once I was settled we made plans for his next visit.

It felt really odd for both of us as we were so use to my old dungeon in London, and boy how I miss it. We had so much to catch up on so I wasted no time in reminding him who I was and why he was here. He soon snapped out of his casual self and stepped right into his submissive role. I will be sharing Mr Slave Shakey’s journey with you from time to time.

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