Message from an admirer

November 9th 2013

I just wanted to share with you this email correspondence that I just received. It’s messages like these that not only makes me smile, but shows me that a stranger from afar think’s of me this way. It also makes me realize there are thousands of people out there watching and I have to kick myself sometimes and come out of my little bubble.

What I do is not a  part-time job to earn extra cash….If only, but it is part of my day to day living from the moment I wake up till I finally fall asleep. Though I know my brain is still ticking away in my dreams. As busy and hectic are my days, I always make the effort to reply to emails especially ones  like these. I have asked this person if they would mind if I share their words to all my followers and readers not because I’m on some kind of Dominatrix trip but because it really does mean alot to me and it reminds me that it’s so important to do things that you truly enjoy especially when it’s your job. Though of course I can say that it’s more than a job……..  

Dear Ms DominaV I hope you don’t mind me writing uninvited and I do not expect a response…I simply wanted you to know how much it means when someone like me sees all the amazing work you do and to know there are Women like you out there so gorgeous, so caring and so understanding of sissies.How I wish I knew you but still best wishes

hello SCG Thank you for the lovely comments. It’s always lovely to hear that there are people out there who do appreciate the little things I do, even though it’s not anywhere near as much as what I would like to do.But I do try. It’s not easy in this day and age where the market is flooded and everywhere you look there’s another person doing the same.But I still think there is plenty of room in this world for everybody, though it is a shame that it’s rule by the Illuminati…….but we wont go there right now….lol I’m just happy to know that there are lovely people who follow me and even though I may never meet them in this lifetime I do appreciate genuine people like yourself. I guess without people like you I wouldn’t be doing what I enjoy the most. I’ve always wanted to travel to your country, and I will one day, it will come and you never know, we might even bump into each other somewhere. Be good DOMINA V

DominaV Such a real and lovely response to match the visuals I have been seeing of you. I think the reason I wrote is because it is so important to me to acknowledge profound work being done by special people and I have been a sissy long enough to recognize it immediately. This is why you struck me so viscerally.I won’t bore you with the details of what I see/saw in you but in summary it appears that you are one of the rare Women who is capable of using your passion for feminizing men to help make us better sissies-subs-people.It so happens that you look gorgeous, wear stylish clothing and have a photogenic face that makes one feel your comforting support – but we know these traits only to be a bonus to what I see actually taking place.I am also writing for the other 1,000 sissies who are either too flaky, too troubled, too shy, or too mixed up to write to say the things I know they are also thinking. Because they are out there perhaps viewing you without due outward respect but with good intentions nonetheless…To your point about the market being flooded- yes true but the truth is the world is not flooded with REAL and unique Dommes such as yourself this is something to remember if you ever feel you are competing…you are not. You have already won.I see we are about the same age and though you never look it I think at this age of being a full time companion to someone as a sissy and though I had been asked on occasion I yet am hesitant because I did not feel the “depth” of the person…in you I see that YES there are Women like you out there so I can be a little more patient. What a wonderful thing to give to me. I know we would never meet yet I wanted to write. To hear your words so well spoken is such a nice thing I cannot tell you thank you for taking the time to write! Of course if you ever did come to the US I would be thrilled to meet you, maybe show you around this area and the kink world that exists…but this message was not written by me to try and meet you – it was because you’re special enough that I feel I already know you. Sincerely,

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