Merry Xmas 2010

So last year I swore I would not spend another winter in the UK. I’ve spent all my life celebrating Christmas in the summer with family and friends, throwing shrimps on the Barbie (BBQ) and just enjoy the warm sun on my skin. Boy how much I miss this. I know for most of you who have never visited a beautiful country like Australia could never imagine the lifestyle we have. I know as I write this it’s almost 40 degrees in Oz right now. Yes that’s very hot, but compared to this cold I’m feeling I know where I would like to be right now. But here I am. It will be 2 years in Feb. My life has had its up and downs. Many downs that’s for sure. I can’t say that it has been great. But I have had good moments and things are getting better. I’m looking forward to the New Year and I know it’s just a another month but however you see it , it’s great to take a step back and remember what you had and what you have right now. It may not be much, god knows I don’t have much, but I do know that I’m grateful for the life that I have. I’m grateful for this day

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