May blog post 2019

Gday Gday Gday

Well here we are once again its the last day of May and winter seems to be upon us. Though I have to say we’ve had a very mild Autumn. One thing I love about Australia is the weather. The sun likes to shine on cold days like today.

So, what have I been up to since My last blog post? Well I have finally finished setting up the Fluffy Boudoir room. Shes looking pretty good. Here is a little clip I did the other day. I might do another clip when I get the chance.

Now that things have settle down a little I have been busy updating all My online stuff. My websites needed some TLC so I have been trying to spend some time adding new and old photos.

New services coming soon

I have been getting a lot of feed back and suggestions from clients which is great. I will be introducing new services, so I’m really excited about this. Hopefully by next month I will be all sorted and I will be able to share this with you. So stay tuned.

Only Fans Page

Okay so I have finally started uploading to My new Only Fans page. Inside you will find new and loads of older photos that I have never published before. If you follow me and enjoy reading My blog post and all My awesome photos and clips then why not support Me by joining up as a fan. Its only $20.00 a month.. Why not give it a go?

Well that’s all for now My dears. I have so much going on in My life right now, but it’s all good. I hope you’ve enjoy the read and I hope to see some of you real soon.

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