Masochist Frame for Sale

Novemeber 11th 2018

This is a rare opportunity to own a a large club piece that can accommodate 4 players and has been designed to be uncomfortable at every turn.

It was designed to be used as a mobile unit but due to it’s size, it needs a home and would be ideally suited for a dedicated venue.

This piece was created sometime around 2005 and has been in constant use at Club Pedestal, which is the ideal testing ground with the high volume of players in attendance.

It comes in 8 pieces , has 31 bolts, weighs approx 120 kgs, stands approx 2.4m high, has a footprint of approx 1.4m x 2.5m and requires minimal maintenance. It has recently been  refurbished and painted and it is as solid as the day it was first used.

The frame can be viewed Club Pedestal over the coming few months.

I would be interested in hearing from venue owners who have the space to accommodate this Wonderful piece of play equipment.

Please message me if you require any further information or have any questions.

Serious enquires only please.

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