Live session with slave DJ

I have Slave DJ with me today and like always I didn’t really plan much as we always do something different. Our first stop was lunch where we went to one of my favourite sushi restaurants on Preston street in Brighton called Sushi Garden. The food here is absolutely scrumches. I have introduced sushi to slave DJ and this is the second place that we have been to. We even had the lovely waitress show him how to use the chop sticks, which he eventually figured how to use ( after a couple of jugs of Sake of course). We finished our meal and headed of to the dungeon.
I ordered him to strip naked. I grabbed the dog leash and clipped it on to his collar and took him for a short walk to the wet room. I turned the shower on and gave him a good wash because he was really starting to smell, must of been from the food he ate, something spicy I’m sure. Well, a smelly slave is not allowed in my presence, no we can’t have that.
Domina V Dominatrix with slave DJ

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