Latest Updates for August 2014 at The Fluffy Boudoir

Yesterday I had a really interesting visitor at The Fluffy Boudoir. I think all my visitors are interesting because each and every one of them have their very own unique story to tell me, and I love listening to them all. 

I enjoy hearing your stories and how each and every one is so different. I think it’s a brave move to take when coming to see someone like me. A majority of my visitors tell me that they have been to other places before. Some have only been to places that only provide a dressing service. I think it is great that there are places like these for men to visit. Some say that they have been to other Mistresses and a few have never even stepped outside their own bedrooms.

I am always so happy and excited when I’m expecting a novice. You can have so much fun with them, but you can also scare them away. So, it is a delicate little situation there where I feel is so important. 

Those of you who have seen Me would know that before I agree to see you I usually go through a few steps before your visit. This is usually done via email correspondence and sometimes phone chats. To Me it is important that I understand where your head’s at and this helps me to figure out which path to take you on.

But, I also enjoy seeing those who have experiences and who have seen other people who provide a similar service. So, lets call him G, because I don’t want to upset him by mentioning his name. G is a delicate little flower when he’s all dressed up. Actually I couldn’t believe the difference from when he walked through the door as a man. G certainly surprised me, and not because I applied layers and layers of concealer and foundation to cover his facial hair, or because of the striking black eye liner and false lashes that I applied. I have to stay G’s transformation took longer than I expected, mainly due to the fact that he just couldn’t stop talking. But, it was all good, though we were sort of running out of time as we did plan to go for a walk down to my local shops.

This is something that I really enjoy doing and Brighton and Hove is a great place to just be yourself. We found a nice little shop with loads of colorful dresses and we looked at shoes that G bought for herself. She tells me that she no longer has her own girlie dresses and shoes so I encouraged her and told her that maybe she should start a new collection to go with her new look. So she bought the shoes and she loves them. We walked back to The Fluffy Boudoir with G almost tripping over on the pavement. I told her that on her next visit we will be concentrating on her deportment as I felt that she was lacking a lot of confidence…..but that’s normal and it will be a slow process but it will also be a fun and exciting journey for G.

I did manage to take a couple of photos of G, but she did say at the time that she didn’t want to be shared on my blogs or websites. This is something that I respect and client confidentiality is very important to me and I would never share any personal information. But, I do love it when I am able to share my photos of my visitors to you.

Maybe G will change her mind….fingers crossed xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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