Latest Update on our new Home

I have just been told that I can move in to our new place a week earlier, which is great. Next Monday there will be people painting The Fluffy Boudoir room and making her to be the prettiest room ever. 
I have been looking at colours for the walls as well as the decor, I know what I want and I will get it.
The fluffy Boudoir will have so much going on, I’m really excited for 2015, I feel great things coming my way. I want to thank all those who have visited me at my current location, as well as my followers and admirers from afar. Without your support I could not have made this possible.
So, seeing as I can now move in sooner, I am now in the middle of packing away The Current Fluffy Boudoir room and will not be offering sessions here , though I am using a lovely and cosy domestic hideaway opposite the beach front. It is ideal for those wishing to try Dressing and Kinky play without having the whole dungeon scenario. Though if you would like your dressing session in the dungeon then this can be arranged.
If you would like to see me before I head off to the Land of Down under ( yes Australia mate) then do get in touch ASAP.
Otherwise I will see you when I get back at the end of January. Hopefully the jet lag will be good to me.

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