Latest Update October 2015

I’ve managed to almost slice my little finger off…well sort of. So I am now back to wearing a bandage. This time last year I was wearing a bandage from my hand operation, thankfully I heal very fast. So I have to be careful now with packing, I’ve bumped it a few times but the pain is nothing. I’ll survive. I was hoping to pack as much as I can and I’m trying not to pack to much as I still need all my wonderful implements and toys and not to mention all my Sissy and Cross Dressing wardrobe.
I find myself trying to do so many things at once, but that’s just me a happy little Virgo Rooster doing her Thang!.  at the moment I have loads of admin work to sort out with my websites and blogs having to change my location…what a nightmare, but it’s got to be done and thank fully I do enjoy it, which is why I don’t  bother with webslaves.
I enjoy creating my own ideas and putting it out there when it comes to web designs.  I think I do Okay considering I’m self taught.

Anyway, I have managed to pack all my personal items into a lot of  suit cases, I cant believe I have so many. I even found my old green hard-cover suit case that I’ve had for years….do they even make then any more?  I don’t know how I managed to travel with her back then. These days luggage comes with four wheels….thank Goddess for that.

I cannot wait when I’m done, I am counting down the days..yes I know, but I am so excited as well as freaking nervous about the flight. Yes I hate Flying….such a long flight.

Last night I had another load of bags and boxes taken away to storage. I would have to say that it has now hit me that I’m leaving the UK. boo hoo

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