Latest Update for Dec 2014

Hello dear Follower,

Well here I am packing my bags…Again…..Oh when will this ever stop?…My whole life has been all about packing and unpacking, moving from one place to the other. If I told you the amount of times I have moved you will not believe me.

When I was younger (not so long ago hahaha) My mother use to call me a Gypsy, back then the only gypsies I new about were the ones I use to watch on tele with their magic crystal ball, their tarot cards (which by the way I do read) and their colourful caravans. You see in Australia we don’t have gypsies, not that I know of. I never really new the real reason behind it until I was much much older and I made my first  trip to Europe where the word Gypsy came up a lot. My first time was when I lived in Ireland…..Yes I was there for about 1 year… I actually got to meet a few in Spain, it made me a little sad, but I soon got over it as I got close to a few who were actually really nice people, though unfortunately they are not liked due to the way they live.
So from then on I finally realised why my mom use to call me a little gypsy and I have to say till this day I am still hearing her voice in my head speaking to me in Spanish calling me her little gitana (that’s gypsy in Spanish)
So next weekend I pick up my keys for my new home and I am also packing my bags for my trip to down under. I am so excited , its well over due. I cannot believe it’s been a few years since I’ve been back. 
I will defiantly be travelling light as I have so much to bring back.
I am also looking forward to meeting my Aussie followers who have been begging me to come back for so long, so now here is your chance to see me….So don’t let me down.
I have allocated some dates for Sydney and Gold Coast sessions, but my main reason for going is not to work my ass off..but to enjoy the hot weather, my friends and family and oh how I am missing the lifestyle.
I have some slots available for sessions before I go but you will need to book in advance.

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