Latest Photo Blog Post for May 2016

Okay so I did write  a very long blog post where I’m telling you all about the things that I’ve been going through since I arrived in Oz but I decided not to publish it as I felt that it was sounding very negative and this is not something that I like to do. Though in the past I have written about negative experiences that I’ve been through, and I feel that some people just need to read, learn and just shut the fuck up.
So today my blog post will be more like a Photo blog. Here is a selection of photos that I have put together to show you what I’ve been getting up to.

My first day back at the Kastle Jan 5th 2016


And some things never change


So happy to be back in the dungeon after taking a few months off


And this is when the Selfies start


Just waiting for that door bell to ring


My favourite room at The Kastle ”The Pussy Parlour”


My first Aussie BBQ since forever 
Smoking Fetish
Some days you just have to


Just about to do some gardening… Ahem


Hair cut was well over due
Sometimes I wear it straight
Sometime I wear it curly


But I prefer to wear it up
My Version of a Sexy Nurse


With my ”Slave for a Day” Slave H
Goddess Friday Ended up being all about cakes and sweets (not a good idea)

and that’s all for now….thanks for watching.


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