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Well here I am back again….and so soon after my last blog post. But, I’m excited to be here and I wanted to share so much with you. I was intending on going to my first Sydney fetish Market today but it seems that every Sunday turns out to be Editing day and I do have so much to do, and besides there is always next month.
In my last blog post I mentioned that I didn’t publish what I wrote at the time as I felt that it was sounding too negative, and I didn’t want to put it out there, but I have now decided to publish it and after all this IS what I do, I enjoy writing in my blogs, I enjoy telling you all about my wonderful adventures, my silly little rants and of course all my exciting News, if you scroll down to the bottom of this post you can read it there….but first I wanted to show you what I’ve been up to lately.

Walking along enjoy this beautiful weather that we are having I came across this on the footpath on the way back home…


As much as I really enjoy my walks it would also be nice to have a car though I’m leaning more towards getting something like this. It’s my birthday in September by the way.


I’m not one to be eating yummy things like this but I just couldn’t help myself.
A found it in a Chinese bakery and yes it was delicious.
Im really enjoy my new LENOVO touch screen. I can now start to edit all my videos, only problem is that my internet is really slow so Im looking at getting my own business broadband sorted.
On my way out making use of my flatmates dusty mirror


It’s starting to get a little chilly now but the sun is still shining.


I get the best ideas while taking my bubble bath
So, Im really enjoying going through all my boxes in the garage and look what I found. Its one of my Mistress apprenticeship diaries and yes very interesting


I hate wearing underwear but when I really have to it’s usually mens boxer shorts…now you know


G’day G’day dear followers and admirers I hope you are all well today. I’m trying really hard to keep my blog updated more often but life is a little hectic right now and there seems to be so much going on around me. I cannot believe that it’s been almost 6 months since I landed here from the UK. Where has that time gone, how did this happen. 
Well as a look back at all the things that I have done, the places I have lived at and the people I have met, I am giving myself a pat on the back for doing really well considering the circumstances I was in and the situations I was put into. I’m not much of a dreamer, I don’t fantasize about life. I consider myself a realist, someone who is hard working and when I set myself on a task I’m focused to make it work to perfection. I guess that’s the Virgo in me.

I have really enjoyed my time back home here in Sydney and 8 years to me is a long time to be away. Living abroad has certainly changed me. What’s that saying? ”Traveling broadens your horizons” Well that’s for sure. I have certainly discovered a lot about myself, and this didn’t happen over night.

While living abroad I got to meet special people who allowed for me to dip my toes into their little bubbles and granted me access to their daily lives. I am extremely grateful to all these people and I consider them all special. I have also met some ”Not So” very nice people, and yeah I know I know…That’s life you get that, but you know it doesn’t have to be this way. You see I make no time for negative vibes to surround my special little bubble, I refuse to allow it anywhere near me. I cherish and adore my little bubble and it will take a lot to burst it. I have come across haters and most of them are people who have never even met me, but yeah it happens, Right? But I have also met people who have met me and we have either become friends, which doesn’t happen over night… or who have pretended to be a friend and shown interest when really all they wanted was a piece of the cake.

But I am extremely happy to be back in Australia and I can be a little impatiently with many things but I am also okay to just go with the flow and see where it takes me. Right now I am just focused on building my business and doing the best I can and making sure I am happy with what I’m doing.

The past 5 months has certainly been a challenge for me. I have had to change my ways, my beliefs my attitude towards many things and there is only so much I one can take before I burst my own little bubble. You see it really saddens me to see and hear the shit that comes out of peoples mouths, seeing them in action doing their best to either make you look bad or getting people to turn against you with lies and deceit. This really makes me sad. I have no time for this kind of behavior. I don’t think it’s fair when you go out of your way to help others and in return you get shitted on. It’s really tiring and draining and just makes me want to go blaaaaaaaah….

I am a very Positive person, I see the good in everything and everyone and if something isn’t working then I do something about it. I’m not one to be sitting around twirling my thumbs hoping that it will all get better. I like to take action and if it involves helping someone out then I’m all for it. Whats disappointing is that you’ve gone out of your way to help someone, you’ve put your time and effort into them, you’ve given advice and ideas, you’ve been there for them only to be slapped in the face. !OUCH! Okay so that’s my little rant…!FUCK THAT!…..Check out this cool mediation You Tube Video

Thanks for reading
Be Good
Domina V

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  1. hello Domina VHow lovely to read Your words ..Welcome back to Australia and the Kastle My ex Mistress used to do street art like that , put tags of love on random push bikes on the street , You may remember her from the Kastle , it was Mistress AngelicaThank You for sharing Your beautiful images , You really are a stunning Lady , no wonder Your are top left hand corner ( Your know what I mean)Don't worry about any “negative vibes” as Oddball would say , I think You are a truly lovely person from Your words and its so wonderful to have You back in OZ Thank You John

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