Latest blog post for June 2016

Hello dear readers, followers and supporters. Well here I am all wrapped up and keeping warm. This is my first Aussie winter since returning back to Oz  and I can’t remember it being this cold. I hate the cold and I can’t believe I survived the European winter for 8 years, but then again I pretty much had the central heating on all year round. I much prefer the hot weather, I seem to be much happier and I function better in the heat. The cold just makes everything painful, including people.
I’m really missing my English friends as well as all my UK and international clients. So I’m starting from scratch again, meeting new people and working out a routine that works for me.
Its been 6 months since I arrived, and where did that time go? I still cannot believe I’m back as I had been home sick for a really long time. If I’m having a bad day I always think about where I am and what I have achieved and how lucky I have been.

When I was young my mother always use to call me a little ”Gitana” (hee-ta-na) that’s Gypsy In Spanish. Back then the only gypsies I knew were the ones I use to watch on television with their crystal balls and magical looking caravans. I use love watching these old movies. My whole adult life I have felt like a little gypsy, moving from one place to the other. I cannot believe the amount of times I have moved houses, locations, countries and even jobs.

I see friends have all settled, got married had kids and some even divorced. They buy a house a few cars here and there have another child, you know all that normal stuff. I’ve dipped my toes into that style of living many times, and many times I have left it. I have to say I’m pretty comfortable with what I have right now, it’s all good. I’m planning to stay single for a very long time. Right now I’m just focusing on building my little world up. Getting things into motion, meeting people and getting some great advice. So far so good.

Hopefully in the next few months there will be some new and exciting news for me to tell you all about. But right now it’s head down working away like a busy little bee.
I have been doing a little filming as well so I’m slowly getting back to doing more video editing for my Clips 4 Sale site as well as You Tube. So be patient, I’ll eventually get round to it.
I’m also planning on a little Aussie trip soon, and No I cannot tell you right now, be patient I said.

So that’s about all for now. It’s only 6.30pm and its very dark outside. Bring on summer is all I can say.

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  1. hola Bonitos Gitana DiosaThank You for Your June blog with stunning pictures of a true Goddess , the lens loves You Domina V No doubt You are missing all Your UK friends and clients but I am sure good old Australia will be good to You in time and in a warmer climate Wishing You all the very best

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