Late March Blog Post

photos by Susan Grace HinmanWell here I am again wondering where on earth the time has slipped too. There has been so much that I’ve had to catch up on but I finally have some free time for another Fluffy blog post.. So where do I start? Well I have been enjoying the hot weather that we have been having here in Sydney and even though the summer season is over, we are still getting lovely warm sunny days, though these past two days it has been raining but it’s good to see the sun always shining.
The past two months I have been flat out with juggling work commitments as well as  moving house a few times, but I’m happy to say that I have finally settled  into my own home and now I’m just getting the empty garage ready for when  my shipment arrives from the UK. I really cannot wait. Living out of suit cases hasn’t been easy but I always manage and thankfully the Aussie summers tend to last for a while so my shipment will be here in time before it gets really cold and I’m so looking forward to pulling out all my lovely coats that I bought while living abroad.
One thing I really do miss the most is all my Fluffy Boudoir wardrobe and make-up collection as well as all my dungeon paraphernalia. So I’m counting down the days till April 2nd which is apparently when the shipment arrives at out shores, and then it has to got through quarantine. fingers crossed that they don’t take anything away from me, well it’s not like I’m bringing anything illegal to the country, that’s for sure…..
So in the meantime I’ve been working away on building my new website at and I’m very happy with the outcome though there is still so much to add but it’s now live and active. I’ll be working at uploading all my photos soon, but right now it’s time for me to concentrate on Fluffy Boudoir and The Cross Dressing Salon.
It’s taken me this long to start work on it as I do manage all my websites and social media so you can imaging the amount of hours needed to update everything but I’m getting there and I am still enjoying every minute of it.
Thank you to those of you who have contacted me regarding if and when I plan to start up Fluffy Boudoir again. At this stage it’s still too early to say. At the moment I’m just taking one thing at a time, just day to day.
I have been conducting sessions from The Kastle in Sydney. This well known establishment has been running for 25 years and its where I started working from before I left Sydney, and of course, it’s a place where I hold great memories from. It’s good to be back here though it hasn’t been easy as I’m so use to working on my own with my rules and regulations, but I have embraced it all and just taking things as they come.
I’m slowly getting there and I am really happy with everything, I couldn’t be happier. I will try to keep you all updated more often, alternatively you can follow me on Twitter where its easy to join and you it’s not like Face book where you have to give them all your personal details. It’s a great way to stay updated with all my latest Updates and usual blahs blahs.
Well I must get ready , the hot rollers are on and tonight I have a new sissy wanting to be trained……Ill let you know how it goes..
Be Good
Domina V

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