Last day in London

Well today is my last day in London and I head back to Brighton later tonight but first I have a full on day and thankfully it’s going to be an easy one. My international subby spent most of the night tied to the chair sitting in front of the huge windows that overlooks the river Thames. His legs spread out arms tied back, gag in mouth and lets not forget the brand new butt plug he bought yesterday. I made sure his corset was on nice and tight though I did allow for him to keep his heels off. I thought I would be nice seeing as yesterday he got the beating of a life time. 
Today I have a couple of visitors coming to see me and subby will remain sitting in his chair, well he has no option and hopefully he wont need to use the toilet much. Maybe I should tie him to the toilet, but that wouldn’t be much fun for me as he will get to miss out on watching all the fun Ill be having in the other room and I wouldn’t want for him to miss out. 
I will be looking forward to seeing my second visitor for a foot massage later today but not before I trample the shit out of him. To be honest I don’t think my 50kilo body is heavy enough  maybe I should call one of my girlfriends to join us? Now there’s a thought….Though it’s a little short notice and the friend I had in mind is always busy and hard to get a hold of.  Well there’s always the room attendant ladies, I met one of them yesterday and she was lovely, a Colombian lady. I got to practice my Spanish with her, I have to say it didn’t last long, I eventually gave up.
I am so looking forward to going back home tonight to Brighton. As much as I love plush fancy hotels you just cant beat the comfort of your own bed.
If you’ve missed out on seeing me this time I will be back in London from the 18th till the 21st November.
Advanced bookings only and sorry I do not accept same bookings as deposit are required and need at least a day or two to go through. 
Well I must go , subby is crying for some attention……

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