Last blog post for 2013

Dear followers, admirers and Visitors, I would like to take this opportunity to write down my last text on my diary page for 2013. How time just flew by? I don’t know, but I am so ready for 2014. This was a great year for me and I’m not talking financially. This year I have learnt so much about myself, and you know what? It’s not as bad as you think you see things. Because that’s all it is, YOU thinking. We all do it, as much as you don’t think you do……I think what we should all do is to stop the wars, the hunger and greed in this world. It can be done, but we all ”think” that this is the way it’s meant to be. But that’s not true. We are made to believe that, we are conditioned to believe in what we are told.  We are taught that bad things happen in the world and this is the way it is. But it’s all a load of mierda. God, where do I start? This sad world that we live in doesn’t have to be this way, yet why is it so sad? It’s sad because the rich get richer the poor are left behind. This century isn’t any better than any other. It’s about corruption, power, money. 

It’s all controlled. Everything that happens in this world is all controlled. This includes the banks, the stock market, the wars and the hunger…….the list goes on. In my 44 years that I have been alive I have to say that as sad as it may be, I will NOT let it take over me, I refuse to live the way that THEY say I should be living. I will NOT be part of that. I don’t want to be part of that. I never have and I never will.  

So by now you’re either thinking she’s gone stir-crazy or yeah she knows what she is talking about. Well take a good long look around you, and I don’t mean in the room you’re in right now. I’m talking about the world, have you noticed how it’s ALWAYS sad news, well yes maybe a happy one thrown in every now and then.  I  do hope that the people of 2014 will eventually open their eyes and see what is going on out there. Never mind your flashy car, your penthouse suite and the rest. We all need to come together, help each other in need.  Something must be done .The future of this world will be left to our sons and daughters and I pray that things will get better for everybody.  So that’s my little spill for 2013. May 2014 bring you ever lasting love, peace and abundance.

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