June blog post 2019

Check out My latest Interview with Nicholas Tanek part 3.

So much has been happening here at the Fluffy Boudoir Sissy & Cross Dressing Salon and we’ve certainly had a few interesting visitors. The House Maid has been busy helping Me with the cleaning and there is always so much to put away and clean after we’ve had a visitor. She also spoils Me with delicious Vegan meals after a long busy day. Today she helped Me hang up the lovely wedding dress that I brought back from England. I even let her try it on for being such a good maid.


Okay so to all My Adelaide Clients I have booked My flight and I’ll be with you from 11th of July till 24th.

If you missed out on seeing me last time then here is your chance. I will be working from the amazing premises of My beautiful friend Mistress Gabrielle at her Fetish Palace Studios 

If you would like to book your time with Me whether its for a Dungeon session, Haircut Fetish, Sissy or Cross dressing, or if you would like to take Me shopping and for a nice Vegan meal then contact Me via My website.

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Well that all for now, thanks for ready

Domina V

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