July blog post 2019

Well G’day there, thanks for stopping by. Welcome to My July blog post 2019. Is this your first time here or have you been here before? Well I hope you enjoy the read, I know you will, and make sure you check out My older blog posts, there is so much for you to catch up on…So lets get started.

I  am currently in Adelaide till the 23rd July, So if you’re in South Australia and you’ve been wanting to see me then now is your chance.

My new space in Wollongong is coming along nicely. I’ve had some wonderful new clients come to see me these past couple of months. It’s also nice to see My regular clients returning.

At the moment I’m trying to catch up on my video editing as I have  a few clips that need to be published but trying to find the time these days isn’t easy as I always have so much going on.
So this will be a short blog post. I have a  new client coming in soon so I best get to it and as usual here are some photos for you to enjoy.


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