January Blog Post 2021

Gday and welcome to My private blog.

I just wanted to start off with a HUGE thank you to each and every one of you who have re-subscribed seeing as now My blog is private. Thank you for supporting Me. I also want to say WELCOME!!!! to those of you who are new I hope you will stick around, I know you will.

I hope you are well and staying safe. So, here we are the first month of 2021, can you believe it? It looks like things have not settle much here in Sydney as well as other states in Australia. How crazy has it been with this Covid madness? let us hope that things start to get better.

santas xmas stocking
What did Santa bring you?

The world has changed as you know. Technology is taking over and soon we will be walking robots… Bahahaha, you know what I mean. I have read that there are people in the US who have microchips implanted in their skin already, and these people did it voluntary. How crazy is that!

too hot to wear my uniform
It was too hot to wear My uniform

Since the start of this Covid madness so much has changed. The way we live our lives, the way we socialize and now so many people are working from home.

To be honest I do not think that things will EVER be back too normal, whatever that may be. I think we just need to embrace the change and just make the most of it. I know it has been a shitty 2020 with so many lives lost due to the virus, but we need to stay focussed on the things that matter to us and that make us happy.

Whether it is a relationship you are in or your current job, I think it is important that you are genuinely happy. I know it is easier said than done but we only have one life on this earth and as crappy as things can be, we have the choice of changing the way we do things and how we live our lives. Well, I think so anyway.

waiting on a new manscaping and kink client
Waiting on a new manscaping client

I’ve certainly have changed the way I do things; I tend to do this all the time; it was not just due to the pandemic, but it did get me started and I was able to be more focused on the things that matter to me and the things that did not.

I guess as you get older you start seeing things differently, I know I have. This month will be My 17-year anniversary working as a professional Dominatrix. I still cannot believe it. Where did that time go? I always thought that this will be My only career and that I will be doing this till the day I die but I am now being realistic, and I have been listening to My body, yes, the aches and pains, but also to My instincts.

table is ready
The table is ready

I have never been one to be doing just the one thing, I have always had My toes dipped into so many things, from the moment I left school in year 10 to pursue My hairdressing apprenticeship I was always doing other things when it came to work. I do not know why, but I have always been this way.

 I guess I have wanted to try so many things, I just could not see Myself just doing the one job for the rest of My life, I know that so many people do this, and they are happy and that is great, but for Me the moment I had a chance to try something new I would jump to it and not miss the chance. Boy, I could go on for ever here and tell you about My life story, but I do not want to bore you Bahahaha

ready for my next client
Spotless and tidy, just the way I like it

I have had a good think about what it is that I want to continue doing and what it is that I no longer want to do, and yes, I am talking about My career. Now do not get Me wrong, this did not happen overnight, or even in the last 6 months. I have been thinking about making some changes for an exceptionally long time, but I just could not get to that moment where I was ready.

I would always change My mind and snap Myself out of it thinking that I was just going through some stupid faze. But I truly feel that now is the best time for me and that I am so ready, and I am looking forward to the next stage.

surprise delivery
So happy My new clippers have finally arrived

So, what are these changes you are probably wondering, well, I will tell you. I have decided that now is a good time to let Dominatrix V go……I know I know, do not be sad. This will not happen overnight but the way I operate I tend to work fast, once I have made My mind up about something, I generally get it done quickly, though this will be a slow process; I am not ready to let her go just yet.

I have already started doing this mentally not so much physically. What I mean is in My head I have stopped but she is still out there. This will be a hard thing for me to do, and as I write this, I have tears in My eyes… How silly hey!

Dominatrix V has taught me so much, we have been through an amazing journey, that is for sure. From the moment I started My mistress apprenticeship at salon Kittys as Mistress Victoria to now, I have genuinely enjoyed every moment. Wow!!! I cannot stop crying. Okay I need a break…. to be continued

Next day…

Okay I am feeling fresh this morning and ready to finish of this blog post so I can have it sent to you before the end of January.

I will now be focusing more on My Fetish haircuts and Manscaping services as well as Fluffy Boudoir, which is My cross-dressing service. If you are one of My Fluffy Boudoir followers you are most likely receiving My monthly newsletter, so this blog post will look awfully familiar to you. I will no longer be offering any Fetish or Kinky services to Fluffy Boudoir clients either. This is a huge transition for me. I am not sure how long this will take. Let us see how we go.

The only Fetish and Kink services Ill be offering will be for My Fetish haircuts and Manscaping clients for now.

So what else have I been up to, oh yes… I have added more pages to My blog. They are gallery pages only, so go and check them out if you haven’t already. You are probably wondering why have I made My blog private, well I did this for a few reasons but you don’t need to worry about that. What matters is that you will be the first who gets to see My content and read about what I’ve been up to. I have also added a Free Clip page.

Manscaping on legs and pubic area

Well I think that’s all for now, thanks for reading, till next month.

Ciao ciao


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