Born in Spain and immigrating to Sydney, Australia at the age of three, Domina V emerged as the proverbial black sheep of the family, constantly embarking upon mischievous escapades fuelled by a curious and imaginative mind. Her formative years were spent at an all-girls Catholic high school, where the nuns enforced strict discipline. Unbeknownst to her at the time, this upbringing would later prove to be invaluable in her chosen profession.

From a young age, Domina V discovered her predilection for unconventional inclinations, delving into the realm of fetishism during her teenage years, which marked the commencement of her extraordinary journey in the adult industry more than two decades ago, committing the past 19 years to her career as a Professional Dominatrix.

In 2004, she embarked on her mistress apprenticeship at the renowned Salon Kittys, assuming the title of Mistress Victoria. During that era, mistresses were not afforded the liberty of choosing their own names.

First photoshoot taken at Salon Kittys. Photos by Noel Graydon (RIP)

In an industry where seasoned mistresses held significant influence, she was fortunate to have been taken under their wings. These experienced individuals imparted invaluable training, moulding her into the proficient expert she is today. This formative period at Salon Kitty’s laid the foundation for her successful career in the realm of dominance and submission.

During the early years of her career as an apprentice mistress, financial constraints posed challenges as she faced restrictions in meeting clients. However, driven by her passion for dance, she sought opportunities as a performer in different Gentlemen’s clubs. This was a time when pole dancing had yet to gain popularity, but she remained steadfast in her dedication to refine her skills and showcase her artistic expression.

Mens Gallery Sydney
Mens Gallery Sydney

Salon Kittys concluded its operations in 2013. The closure of this esteemed salon marked the end of an era, leaving behind a lasting legacy. With its impeccable service and commitment to excellence, Salon Kittys had garnered a loyal clientele over the years. While its closure saddened many, the impact and memories created within its walls will forever remain a cherished part of its history.

The Kastle Sydney 2007

(The Kastle Sydney 2007)

After nearly a year, she departed from Salon Kitty’s and began working at The Kastle for the following three years. The time she spent within these renowned chambers endowed her with not only a practical understanding of her chosen craft but also a profound psychological education into the intricacies of submissive psychology.

Unexpectedly, in February 2008, she departed Australia due to familial circumstances, intending to stay temporarily for a mere few months. However, destiny had other plans, as she found herself permanently rooted in Central London, where she resided for a fruitful period of five years.

In 2011, a significant development took place in North London with the establishment of the House of V Fetish Studio. This unique establishment introduced a new era in the realm of adult entertainment, offering a well-equipped dungeon that boasted bespoke dungeon furniture, expertly crafted by the renowned Danny Mackenzie from INFERNAL MECHANIX.

Club Pedestal offers the opportunity to view and engage with Danny’s dungeon equipment. At this venue, patrons can explore and experience the unique and diverse range of equipment available from Danny. Whether you are a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer, Club Pedestal provides a safe and inclusive environment to discover and play with Dannys dungeon equipment. Danny also runs club DARK in Southampton.

The House of V quickly gained recognition for its commitment to providing an unparalleled experience for individuals with diverse interests and desires. Recognizing the need for specialized services, the establishment soon unveiled The Fluffy Boudoir, a dedicated space catering specifically to the needs of Sissies and Cross Dressers. This innovative addition further solidified the House of V’s reputation as a trailblazer in the industry, offering a comprehensive range of experiences to suit a wide array of preferences.

Having fully embraced the vibrant and fast-paced London lifestyle for a significant period of five years, she found herself yearning for a change, a new chapter in her life that would allow her to explore uncharted territories and embark on a daring adventure. With a sense of excitement and anticipation, she made the bold decision to pack her belongings and bid farewell to the bustling city, setting her sights on the charming seaside town of Brighton & Hove. Nestled gracefully beside England’s picturesque South Coast, this coastal gem offered a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty, making it an irresistible destination for those seeking a fresh start and a different way of life.

In the confines of the Brighton Dungeon, under the watchful eye of Mistress Dometria, an unexpected friendship blossomed. As they toiled together, day after day, a close bond formed between them. It was through their shared experiences and common interests that they discovered a mutual passion for filming content. This revelation served as a catalyst, igniting their creativity and propelling them towards new horizons. The dungeon, once a place of strict discipline and dominance, now became a hub of artistic collaboration and exploration. Mistress Dometria, known for her expertise in the world of BDSM, found herself intrigued by the prospect of capturing their unique experiences on camera. Meanwhile, her newfound companion, equally captivated by the art of filmmaking, eagerly embraced this opportunity to bring their shared vision to life.

Together, they embarked on a journey of creativity, blending their respective skills and expertise to produce captivating and thought-provoking content. With each passing day, their friendship deepened, fueled by a shared passion and a genuine admiration for one another’s talents. From the depths of the Brighton Dungeon, a formidable partnership emerged, one that transcended the boundaries of their initial professional relationship. As they continued to work together, their bond grew stronger, fortified by a profound understanding and respect for each other’s artistic visions. Their collaboration became a testament to the power of friendship, proving that even in the unlikeliest of places, true connections can be forged.

In 2015, Domina V made the decision to return to Australia, but unfortunately, circumstances led her back to Brighton in 2018. The reason for her return was the sudden and tragic passing of her dear friend, Mistress Dometria. This unexpected event brought her back to the place where they had shared countless memories and experiences. The loss of Mistress Dometria deeply affected her, and she felt compelled to be in Brighton to mourn and pay her respects. It was a difficult time for her, as she navigated the grief and tried to come to terms with the untimely loss.

Domina V initially anticipated a brief stay in Brighton for the funeral, planning to depart shortly thereafter. However, upon meeting with Dometrias family, they extended an offer for her to oversee and maintain Mistress Dometrias establishment as per usual. Domina V promptly accepted the offer without any hesitation, as she was determined to ensure the continuation of the Brighton Dungeon legacy. It was the least she could do for her soul sister.