Happy New Year 2018

20171231_084413Gday Gday and happy New year to all my beautiful followers, subscribers and fans and if you are new to My blog, then welcome to you too. Okay so, this is My first blog post for 2018 and I have so much that I want to share with you all.

Well, I have finally made another house move. I have left Sydney and said goodbye to her. Those of you who have been following me for a long time will know that I have moved around alot…and I mean a lot. Well, what can I say, I need to be happy right? I will eventually settle down somewhere, and I don’t mean marriage and kids hahaha, not for me thanks. So where have I moved to I hear you ask?…Well, I am now on the beautiful south coast of Australia. A place called Wollongong, The Gong for us Aussies. I grew up not far from Wollongong and I remember the good times with my family when we used to go for a picnics down at a place called Thirroul, and now here I am back again and living and loving the lifestyle. So no more noisy planes flying above my house, no more busy roads congested with traffic no more of the hustle and bustle of the city life…blaaah

My old bedroom window

No more loud noises outside my bedroom window

The bag lady

Some of My trolley bags waiting to get picked up


Just a few things hanging on my bedroom wall

The past few months have been really hectic for me… I seem to use that word a lot. I really needed the change and I’m really happy where I am now. I haven’t stopped since my move and as usual, there is always so much to do and catch up on. At the moment I have been sorting through all my videos and photo files that will be uploaded to my new Clip store at HOUSE OF V FETISH STUDIO.COM. There is still so much to do but it will be launched soon, so stay tuned… I am also busy with re-uploading ALL my old YouTube videos from all my 3 channels that I had running and I am now just having the one YouTube channel… mama Mia, what was I thinking? At this stage, I’m not eligible for a custom YouTube URL until I hit enough subscribers, So please help Me out by subscribing to My Channel. Just click Here

My New You Tube Channel

Please support Me by Subscribing to My New YouTube Channel

So, two years ago, when I got back from the UK and found myself homeless, I won’t go into that right now, but anyway, I ended up house minding for someone whose friend needed someone to look after their cat and in return, I could stay there. The cat I looked after was a Siamese. (Yep) Now, I love cats, I’ve had them all my life but little did I know what I was getting myself into. Well, I know I hardly got any sleep or quiet time to myself cause the cute little thing just wouldn’t shut up. So why am I telling you this story? Well, I am now sharing a space where the owner has a 14-year-old Siamese, and yep it just won’t shut up. He is so beautiful and cute… yeah when he’s in my arms, but as soon as I put him down he starts yowling and crying. To be honest, I think he is also a little sad and lonely, so I do try to give him as much attention as I can before I start to lose it.

The house in Sydney that I recently moved out from, well next door they had a cat called Jersey. He was a white cat, mature and just did his own thing. I usually left the back door open so he would stroll in and into my bedroom, sit on my lap and purr away and in the meantime have all his fur all over me. I do miss him.

Thankfully I’m not home much these days, as the dungeon is keeping me busy, but when I am home, cute little Siamese cat comes running to me when he sees me, apparently he is deaf. Poor little thing I do feel sorry for him and I do give him lots of love and cuddles.

The other day My friend dragged me away from my office and took me to the beautiful Wollongong Botanical gardens. It was a gorgeous day and I thought yeah I really need some time out as I hadn’t stopped since moving and unpacking…I still haven’t unpacked everything by the way. Anyway, we took a couple of blankets and I took my new camera as I hadn’t picked it up for a while and I did a short little video. I will upload to my YouTube channel soon. I was glad to see the free little book library at the park. I love My books, I have so many sitting in my storage unit and I can’t wait for the day where I get to display them all in My new home. The first book that was staring me in the face was this one about Marquis De Sade. Have a look at another little clip I made below.

I’ve not had the chance to read it yet as I was in the middle of reading another good book that I picked up from another free library. It’s called Dancing With The Devil by Christopher Geraghty. It’s about a Roman Catholic priest from Sydney and his life and journey as he struggles for 15 years. When I first picked up this book I was on My way to the train station and I actually put it back as at the time I was carrying too much luggage and I didn’t think I would enjoy the book anyway. A week later I passed the little street library and it was still there so I took it with me to read on the train and I’m really glad I did cause it’s actually a good book, well I thought so. He is now lawyer and a district court judge.IMG_E7520

So I’m not sure how long I’ll stay at my new home as its only temporary until I find My own place. I’m also really excited to share with you My new location from where I conduct My sessions in Wollongong. It’s a parlour that has been there for many years and is now under new management, have a look at the website www.tamson45.com

I have my own space which of course is the dungeon room and it has another built-in room inside which I’m converting into a salon. The rest of the house has 5 other rooms for the working ladies to use. I have the whole place to Myself on Sundays and Mondays and I have to say that I am so happy with the outcome. The owner, Tammy has been so good to me. It’s so refreshing to work with an owner who isn’t greedy and who looks after her staff. Yes, it is a parlour and no I am not offering sex, but if you would like this service involved during our session I can arrange something for you. We also have a cute little house cat, yes another one. Her name is Georgina and she is a Devon Rex and no she doesn’t cry, but she does demand My attention.

So lately I’ve been coming across the numbers 3 and 11. A couple of times when I picked up My phone I had these numbers showing. If you’re not familiar with this I suggest you look it up.

Well, folks, I think that’s all for now, its taken me a little longer to publish this post but I really needed to get this house move out of the way first. I hope you enjoyed the read and I’ll be back in February with yet another interesting read. Now its time for My bath.

Bath time

Be Good

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