Goodbye Wollongong

january 17th 2020

So My bags are packed and it’s time to leave The Gong ( Wollongong). Here I am at the Nan Tien Buddhist temple. If you ever visit the South Coast I do recommend you visit this beautiful place.

I’m going to miss this little fella. His name is jaffa and yes he talks a lot. As I get older My diet has changed and I find that I’m eating less. I’ve been a Vegan for over 10 years and I think it’s crazy that vegan and organic food are so expensive. I have started making My own veggie juices and smoothies.

One of My loyal subbies in the UK had this custom made leather catsuit made for Me. Measurements are a little off in some places. I do have very high hips and I prefer to wear hipster style pants. The arms are a little short when I stretch them out and I tried doing a session in this suit and I don’t recommend it. I think it’s best I wear it for clients who want to worship My leather and where I don’t have to move around much hahahaha. You can see Me wearing it in My latest photoshoot with Felix at My Cocoscope channel. If you would like to see me in action wearing this suit just head over to My PornHub Studio

Before leaving the South coast the sky was completely covered in thick smoke. Here we are surrounded in mountains though you can’t really see them.

Goodbye You Tube, Hello Cocoscope

I am currently in the middle of taking down My Youtube channel. I’m tired of being flagged or having My clips removed so I have now found a much better home for all My clips. I am in the middle of re-uploading all My old content from My You Tube channel on to My new Cocoscope channel. Please do check it out, follow me and subscribe.

House of V fetish Studio on COCOSCOPE

I have taken down all My clips from Clips4Sale and I Want Clips. I have moved over to Porn Hub, which is a place that I have been avoiding for so long but it is now My new home for all My old and new clips. Please subscribe to My channel and support what I do.

Well that’s all for now. It has been 10 days today that I moved into My new studio in Sydney so I still have loads to sort out and go through. Once I’m done I will start filming which I’m really looking forward to.

Take care, thanks for reading.

Dominatrix V

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