Good Bye to Blogging

Hello Dear Follower and reader. As I sit here wondering how to write this to you I’m feeling a sense of relief for some how it feels OK to me. With the way things are going in this world and the law tightening its belt on adult content on the  Internet it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. But I see this as a positive step and as sad as it makes me feel, I think I am making the right choice. Those of you who have never met me can see by my websites and all my blogs the amount of time I spend sharing my wonderful world with you all. Those of you who have met me know how hard I work and how I like to do things 110% and the amount of time I spend keeping my sites up to date. With so many new social sites popping up left right and centre there is so much that is available to us. I am always up to trying new things and if it doesn’t work then I simply move on to the next. 

I feel that this is the right time to stop blogging. I think the GOOGLE corporation is fucking it up for all of us, now we are told that they can access our emails. This  makes me angry. How are we to have any confidentiality with our clients. Internet is fucking it up for us adult workers. Yes it was great when it first came out and made networking so much easier, but now I think things have gotten out of hand and greed, money & power is the way to move forward. 

This is something that doesn’t sit right with me. This is not who I am or who I want to be. I’m just me, someone who does no harm ( well unless I’m beating the crap out of you) I just like to share my little world with you all but now I’m told that I can’t write that or I can’t post that photo because its too offensive….I mean for Fooks sake,someone remind me what era we live in again please cause things feel like they are going backwards.

This new GOOGLE+ which I still don’t understand it, I just see no point in it. Well not for us adult workers. So if adult content is not allowed then why are you giving us new emails to set up, why are you giving away free  ad words for  goggle why keep shoving it into our faces for then you to turn around and delete our sites just like that……oh yeah,,,thats it….I should’ve read the ”Terms and Conditions right? Well fook your Conditions cause you know where I would love to shove them. So, Like I said I am going to take this on and in a calm and positive way. It will lead me to a new direction, a place where I don’t have to abide by government rules and regulations.
I will find something else that works for me and as long as Im happy then thats all that matters. Because when I’m happy then all those around me are happy to. When I have the time I will post all my old blog post on to my website but it will not be in a blog format. 

Thank you for reading and thank you all for your support.
Be Good

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