Goddess Supreme

I am the Goddess Supreme of great Beauty and Grace. I am a Woman who loves to be worshipped and idealized. My fame is the source of life and being worshipped as a supernatural being gives me the power and attributes to be placed on a Pedestal.

 I am admired and adored. I am a Virgo woman who is earthy, grounded and self-confident. I am sensual without being overly sexual. I know what I am worth. I am the Femme Fatale of your dreams. My deep green eyes will hypnotize you and lure you into my deep dark fantasies.
I can crush you, destroy you. I will own you. Your mind your body and of course you little lost soul. My alluring charms will sneakily bring out the bad Female in me. You will crave to be in my presence. I am the exotic Vamp with my sarcastic voice. I can be cold-hearted until I feel that you have earned the privilege of my attention. I will lurk in the shadows commanding you to strip before me. My playful manner will confuse and taunt you. Your submission is my pleasure, my power, my seduction.
I am the Sultry Love Goddess, an icon of Sex and Fantasy. That’s all I will ever be to you a Fantasy. Untouchable, unreachable. A mystery…… I am confident , strong and independent. I live my own life. I have goals, aspirations and dreams. My love life is mine not yours.
 A man’s worth is only to compliment a woman and not to complete her.
I have a good sense of humour, though sometimes a little dry. I like to see the good in every circumstance. I love and enjoy my life. I am a fun person to be with. I am happy with who I am. My energy is contagious. My style is my own creation. I have no need to follow trends or wear the latest fashion.
I wear what I like when I like. I take care of my appearance. I don’t need to try hard to look good. I know I look good. In my world there is no competition. There is plenty of room for everybody. I am charming, gracious and very feminine. I radiate sex appeal. I don’t need to be promiscuous or dress provocatively.  I deserve to be treated like a lady, a Goddess Supreme. If your true desire is to worship a beautiful Goddess then all you need to do is follow the links below……………….


I do not demand gifts I simple ask nicely. After all that is why you are here right?  You want to spoil me ,you want to show your true devotion or maybe its my birthday, what ever the reason. I prefer to choose my own gifts with your money, all you need to do is purchase an E-gift card from one of the outlets below.
 (send E-gift cards to  dominav@dominav.net)

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