First blog post for 2019

Well G’day there…So finally I have some free time to start on My first blog post for 2019.  So far this year has been amazing with so many exciting things happening at once as well as some really shitty stuff…let’s see, where do I start?

Last month I went back to doing Yoga classes, hot yoga actually. I joined for a month and during that time found Myself cancelling most of the classes that I had booked in advanced. Don’t you just love technology.

It was getting really annoying and stressful as it’s something that I really enjoy doing and it’s what My body craves for, so on top of that I wasn’t getting anytime to edit My own website or do any filming, which I love and it’s also one of the reason why this blog post is a little late. So, things have settled down a little.

Brighton Dungeon

Yes, the dungeon has kept me very busy with the renovations still going. Its been just over 5  months since I arrived in the UK. I can honestly say that I have not stopped since I got here. So many things were happening at once that I don’t think I allowed Myself to grieve the loss of My friend Mistress Dometria. To be honest I don’t think I have given Myself that space. I have pretty much been at the dungeon  almost every day since her passing and it didn’t feel like she was gone. I was still talking to her (I still do) while I was cleaning up the place and getting it back to working order. I still asked her questions and I do feel like she is still around.

The first month was really hard, having the pressure of making sure that two lots of rent was paid each week, plus changing all the website content, this took forever. Dometria had a lot of photos and it was all about her, you can imagine. The shift from Mistress Dometrias dungeon to a Dungeon Hire was not easy. Then there was pressure coming from other sources, I’m not going to go into it here. Maybe one day, right now I’m just happy how things are going and I cannot wait till it’s all finished.

We originally said it will only take ten days but, things did pop up and it meant that we had to spend more time and money, but we are almost there. The shower and toilet facilities are now working and we have more room to move around in that you can swing a cat-o-nine tails in, well sort of. If you have visited before then wait till you see the new look, you will be amazed.

The main entrance hallway has been painted. The previous colour looked like vomit, OK not really, but it was ugly. The walls on the stairway going down to the dungeon has a new colour and we now have new red carpet, this picture isn’t the best.

The Erotic Boudoir hopefully will be finished by the end of this month, fingers crossed.

Brighton Boudoir

During the renovation period we tried to stay open for bookings, it did get a little dusty for a while but it’s almost all gone. The premises are cleaned before and after a booking so we don’t expect you to do our laundry or put it back the way it was before you arrived (ha! wishful thinking) but it doesn’t hurt to throw your dirty towels in the laundry basket. We also do have 3 bins to throw your dirty gloves in, so please use them. One thing that really annoys me is a lubey mess (yes Lube) on all the furniture and floors and I know that sometimes its hard not to make a mess when you’re in the middle of having fun with someone, but that’s what gloves are for, you can’t go sticking your fingers into someones private parts and then pick something up or touch things with the same gloved hand. You would be putting that other person at risk with all sorts of cross contamination. So, do you use the rubber gloves provided. I would like to add that….

This is where I decided to edit this part. You see I originally had a paragraph written out but today I decided that it wasn’t worth sharing it with you guys. Not that I didn’t want to share it with you, I just feel that it’s not necessary, to Me it sounded negative and My blog is not about negative shit, including people, all I want to say is thank FUCK that thing has gone…I did gain an extra session out of it so I was happy.

My Next Trip to Australia

So, now that I’m slowly settling back into the UK lifestyle, I’m still not completed done as I am still living out of a suitcase, yep I know, well I have survived this long but I really need to pull My finger out and start organising My trip back. I will plan to stay for one month. Hopefully this will be enough time for Me to sort out My things in storage as I now have a few things that I do not want to bring back with Me. If you don’t already know, I have decided not to re-open the Fluffy Boudoir here in the UK, So I will most likely sell it all off while I’m back in Australia. This will go towards the cost of shipping the rest of My belongings back to the UK. If you know of anyone in Oz who might be interested then do let me know. The things I have would be ideal for anyone who wants to start seeing sissy and cross dressing clients. I have plenty of women’s shoes in men sizes, as well as underwear, lingerie, bras, stockings, dresses…the list goes on. I also have a retro dressing table that I bought in the UK. I will be putting together photos of all the furniture that I will be selling while I’m in Wollongong.

If you would like to support Me by contributing towards the cost of My trip for my flight / shipping container / accommodation) please contact Me HERE.
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Book Reviews

It’s been awhile since I’ve had the chance to read a book. I think the last book I finished reading was at the end of July 2018. Well I have finally started up again. The current book I’m reading is called Slave Girl Return to Hell’ by Sarah Forsyth . I’m almost finished reading it. I have a new book that arrived just a few days ago. It is written by a science fiction writer who won the Hugo award for the best novel four times. So, I will let you know how I go. If you’re curious of what books I like to read then check out My list at GOODREADS

Vee Barberette Fetish Coiffeur

My little barber shop has been keeping Me on My toes. I am so happy with what I have achieved in such little time. Though there is still so much that I would like to add but for now I have all that I need. Right now I’m staying focused on seeing as many clients as I can without burning out. I don’t enjoy seeing a lot of clients in one go as I find it very draining mentally. I like to take time-out more often these days.

If you would like to book your Fetish haircut session you will need to book in advance. CLICK HERE

I think I might be due for a new pair of Doc Martins. I bought these over 10 years ago when I was living in Camden. I’ve had the zipper replaced already and it looks like it needs a new one again, should I get them fixed or get new ones?Doc martins

I’m so excited My new camcorder has arrived. It’s a SONY FDR-AX33, The features are great and its a 4K.

Well I think that’s about all I have to share with you. I’m looking forward to a possible photo shoot next week with a new photographer, so fingers crossed it all goes well.

Thanks for reading, till next month
Be good

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