Fetish Haircuts by Vee Barberette

Gday to All My wonderful Hair cut Fetish fans and followers.

Vee Barberette Fetish Coiffeur Brighton gif imageWell I know you are all eager to hear more about My new salon here in Brighton. I just want to say thank you to everybody who have contacted Me regarding this service and thank you for being patient as I have been really busy getting it all finished. The past 2 weeks I’ve been waiting for deliveries to arrive. Some came a day earlier than what they said it would and one didn’t even turn up. So I’ve changed the delivery address so fingers crossed that they all turn up sooner rather than later.

I have started taking advanced bookings only. I will not be able to take any same day appointments as I get booked up very quickly, Also my alter ego Domina V is keeping Me busy with her BDSM sessions. Just as well The Fluffy Boudoir isn’t open yet…I think I may need a Double Me. Well all I can say is there is never a dull moment in My life, there is always something exciting going on.

The salon is looking a little bare at the moment but I’m slowly adding more things as I go. Today the new shelves will be painted so they will take a little while to dry before they go up. I’m so excited everything is going well, except for the late deliveries but unfortunately that’s out of my control as I’ve had clients and fans gifting Me with Amazon Gift Vouchers. Thank you to those of you who have contributed towards buying furniture and stock for My salon. Unfortunately all My belongings are still in storage in Australia which means I will have double of everything once it all arrives, but that’s okay.

I will also be looking at filming My haircut fetish sessions and I am now taking on applicants for photo shoots and filming. There is no need to show your face as you will be given a face mask to hide your identity. The photos will be used for promotional purposes on My website and social media platforms. The videos will be used for My clip store. If you are keen and interested in taking part please contact me ASAP for more information.


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