Fetish Haircut- Hand and hairbrush spanking on bare bottom

A new client walked into my barbershop looking like he really needed a haircut. I motioned for him to take a seat in the barber chair and started brushing his hair while we chatted about the style he wanted. When I asked him to follow me, he gave me this confused look, like he didn’t understand. So, I told him to get up and he quickly hopped out of the chair to follow me. I sat down in one of my old chairs and told him to pull his pants down. He looked shocked and said, “Wait, I came here for a haircut!” I reassured him, saying, “Don’t worry, my dear, you’re getting a haircut. But first, I need to give your bottom a little punishment.” His face turned red and it was clear he felt embarrassed. I made sure to hold him firmly over my knees, just in case he tried to escape. I warmed up his bare bottom with a good hand spanking, but my hand was starting to hurt. Luckily, I had prepared beforehand and had two of my favorite hair brushes hidden under the chair.

His bottom slowly turns pink and then a nice shade of red. I’m happy with how it looks…for now. I give him a good haircut, short on the sides and back with a number four clipper, and leave it longer on top. His hair is really fine and straight, so I don’t want to cut too much on top or it’ll stick up. Once I’m done with the haircut, I lean the chair back and tell him to relax. I place a warm towel that smells like Eucalyptus and myrtle on his face and let him know that next time I’ll give him a nice, close shave. He tells me he’s never had one before and is really excited about it.

I finish the style with some hair wax, he is very happy and tells me that he will definitely be back. I take the cape off him and he gets up thinking that it’s all over but there was one more thing that I needed to check.

Pull down your pants I instructed him. This time without hesitation he pulls them down. I needed to make sure that the redness on his bare bottom was even. I wasn’t satisfied so I tell him to bend over My knees again. I grab My favourite pink Denman hairbrush and gave him a nice warm spanking.

“Okay you can go now” I give him a hug for being a good boy and sent him off to work.

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