Where in Australia are you located?

Currently located in Sydney inner West, I will soon be expanding my availability to Melbourne. For further details regarding my upcoming locations, please visit my “Touring page“.

Will you be touring Australia again?

I am delighted to officially announce my presence in Melbourne. For more information regarding specific tour dates and locations, kindly refer to my dedicated “Touring page“.

Do you do outcalls?

I would like to see you today or sometime this week, is this possible?

I regret to inform you that I no longer have my own studio. Therefore, the availability of premises will determine whether I can accommodate your request. Please note that I only accept advanced bookings, and a deposit is required to secure your reservation.

I am a novice and have never seen a professional Dominatrix before. What is expected of me?

I kindly request that you familiarize yourself with the content of My website. Subsequently, please complete the Get In Touch” form, and I will promptly respond to your email.

What if I am running late?

I kindly request that you arrive punctually for our scheduled meeting. However, if unforeseen traffic delays your arrival, please promptly contact me by phone. I kindly ask that you refrain from sending a text message.

Can I request what you wear during the session?

I prefer to choose my own attire for my sessions. Comfort is currently my top priority, and I believe it is essential for a productive session. If you have any specific suggestions or would like to contribute, you can consider purchasing an item from my wish list or providing a gift card for me to select an outfit that suits my needs. Thank you for understanding.

Will I be given a safe word?

Ensuring your safety is of utmost importance to me as a professional. It is crucial to understand that engaging in any activities without a safe word poses a significant risk. I take your safety very seriously. But let’s be real here. If you’re dumb enough to play with someone without a safe word, you might as well be auditioning for a Darwin Award. It’s a pretty big risk you’re taking there, My dear.

Do you enjoy your work?

I prioritize sessions that I genuinely enjoy, so rest assured that I would not engage in them if I did not. It is important to note that my decision is not solely based on your preferences. If there is a specific session you desire, but it does not align with my interests, I will suggest seeking someone else who can better cater to your needs. I am highly selective when it comes to choosing my play partners, and reaching out to me does not guarantee that I will agree to meet you. Therefore, I encourage you to put forth a thoughtful effort in your initial contact.

Do you session outdoors?

I mean, I don’t want to waste my precious outdoor session time on just anyone. I have standards, you know? Only the chosen few who have shown their dedication and skill are allowed to join my exclusive outdoor club. It’s like a secret society, but with more sunscreen and bug spray. So, sorry random strangers, you’ll have to prove your commitment before you can bask in the glory of my outdoor activities. Trust me, it’s a privilege worth earning!

I would like to bring a gift. Can you suggest something?

I kindly request that you refrain from offering me flowers, perfume (unless it happens to be my favorite, which is quite rare to find), alcohol, chocolates, shoes, or clothing. Instead, I would greatly appreciate a tribute or a gift voucher, both of which can be found on my wish list page. Thank you for your understanding.

Do you see couples?


Do you attend Fetish events?

Oh, I used, but now I prefer my own exclusive and intimate gatherings, followed by some thrilling playtime. It’s all about that private VIP experience, you know?

How do you prefer to be addressed?

I would like to kindly request that you refer to me as Dominatrix V, Domina, or Ma’am. It is important to note that I am not your Mistress, and I would appreciate it if you refrain from addressing me as such. Additionally, terms like Miss, darling, or babe are not appropriate when addressing me. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in maintaining a professional tone of communication.

Please ensure that you have thoroughly reviewed the information provided on the Tribute and the Frequently Asked Questions page before proceeding to complete the Get In Touch form.