“DARK” 2

Sunday 22nd Dec 2013

Last night was our second play club event here in Brighton called ”DARK”. It was so good to see that the rain and high winds didn’t stop many from coming out to play. Thank you to all of you who came to support our new night. We just  couldn’t do it without you. I met such wonderful people and have made new friends. I really hope to see you all again very soon and I look forward to seeing the shy ones come out to play….You know who you are. Thank you to the very sexy Pasha for allowing us to  use your wonderful place. Thank you to our DM’s , Cassie and Zanos. It was lovely to meet you Velvet Rose, keep it up my dear. Lovely to meet you Mimi and your very cute slut. Maybe one day she’ll get the courage to do a little dance on the pole. Nice to meet you Sheriffdvnt, hope you enjoyed your cuppa and managed to get off the comfortable couch.   Well Merry Christmas to you all and hope to see you in the New year.X

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