Coming Out To Play

Yesterday I had one of the best sessions ever. Oh don’t get me wrong all my sessions are unique and so special to me, but this one was truly something. I just love meeting so many wonderful people and it really makes me feel special too. I know it’s a huge step for many who finally decide to take their first leap and step out of their comfort zone, which for a lot of people it never happens. It just stays there locked away and on occasions it gets a chance to come out and play. Oh boy, how I Love it when you come to see me to play. 
Well my very nervous visitor came to see me in the dungeon. It was his very first time ever seeing someone regarding his interests. He was shaking all over. Oh how I do enjoy watching this. It’s like watching a babies first step. It’s such a wonderful thing to watch , seeing how so many people react to their first experience.
After we had a little chat I lead him into the medical room, no he wasn’t here for a check up, but this is where all my visitors get to experience having their make up done in a clinical environment. It’s not exactly The Fluffy Boudoir, which is my domestic setting, It’s one of the rooms that I use here at The Brighton Dungeon owed by my amazing friend Mistress Dometria. 
Before I started on his make up application I suggested that it’s best he finds a girlie name as after I was finished with him there was no way he will recognise himself and the name he was using wasn’t appropriate. 
So he gave me Pauline, which was fine with me though I had this feeling that I will be changing it later on.
It didn’t take me very long to transform Pauline. She had the most amazing skin that I’ve seen for a long time on a man. Though I could see that she spends a lot of time outdoors as her skin looked sun burnt.
Today I brought along with me a couple of fru fru’s, that’s what I call a petty coat
as well as a  couple of pairs of shoes, a bra a leotard, thigh high pink tights with  ribbons, some frilly knickers and of course breast forms. I also picked up this dress, I don’t know why this one in particular, it has never been worn before, it has been hanging there for so long, but things happen for a reason….. is what I always say..
So, after the make over we proceeded to the dungeon area where I showed her around and made her aware of the correct dungeon etiquette. I could see it was going in one ear and out the other, all she was interested in was looking at herself in the mirrors which was fine with me. So I just let her get on with it while I sat back and took it all in. 
During our time we managed to squeeze in a little bit of filming. Enjoy!
Dressing and BDSM

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